UniFi Access - Door Access Methods

Users can use authorized door access methods to access specific doors during the specific schedules.

Door Access Methods Overview

Door Access Methods Description Notes
NFC Cards Users can use authorized NFC cards to unlock doors.  
PINs Users can use PINs assigned to them to unlock doors.
  • Requires UA Pro or G2 Pro.
Hand Wave Users can unlock a door by simply waving their hands in front of UA Lite. Because of the lack of user identity authentication, this method is designed for the exit.
  • Requires UA Lite or G2.
  • Hand Wave and other methods cannot be enabled simultaneously.
Mobile Access Users can unlock doors with their Identity or Identity Enterprise mobile apps.


Remote Unlocking Admins can unlock doors remotely from a web browser or via the UniFi Access or Identity Enterprise mobile app.


Enable or Disable Door Access Methods

All door access methods are enabled by default. You can disable specific door access methods to prevent users from unlocking doors using them.

UniFi Access

  1. Go to Access application > Devices > Readers.
  2. Select a reader and click Settings in the prompted panel.
  3. In the Access Methods section, enable or disable door access methods as needed.
  4. Click Apply Changes.

UniFi Identity Enterprise

To enable a door access method for each reader, please ensure that the method is already selected in Configurable Door Access Methods for Admin.

  1. Go to your Identity Enterprise Manager > Services > Door Access.
  2. Click Settings in the prompted panel.
  3. Scroll down to Advanced > Configurable Door Access Methods for Admins and tick or untick the checkboxes of door access methods as needed.
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