UniFi - Troubleshooting UniFi Device Connectivity

2023-06-10 05:58:56 UTC

UniFi devices that go 'Offline,' but remain powered on, will continue to operate in a 'Self-Run' state using the last known UniFi configuration.

Check Device Connectivity

1. Check your LED light or LCM screen. 
  • Does Not Turn On: See Troubleshooting a Broken Device to learn more.
  • Steady White: The device is in a factory-default state and must be adopted to your UniFi application. See Device Adoption to learn more. 
  • Solid Blue: The device is adopted and is running in a normal state. If it remains Offline in UniFi, try to factory reset and then re-adopt it.
  • Flashing White-Blue-Off: Proceed with Recovery Mode.
  • Blue and Flashing Off Every 5s: Your device does not have connectivity with your network. Continue to step (2).
  • Other: See LED Statuses for a complete list.
2. Verify the IP address of your UniFi device.

Use the WiFiman Mobile App’s Discovery feature (iOS / Android) to find the IP address of your UniFi device. 

3. Refer to the appropriate steps based on your results in step (2).

Your device does not appear or it appears with an IP address of, our “fallback address”
Your device is plugged in somewhere that lacks connectivity and is unable to receive an IP address. Make sure it is correctly plugged into a local network port (LAN), and traffic is not being restricted by switch port, gateway, or firewall rules. See Virtual Network Connectivity and Isolation to learn more.

Your device is receiving a valid IP address besides
Your device has general network connectivity, but not sufficient connectivity with your UniFi Console. Disable any local firewalls and make sure traffic is unrestricted for ports required for adoption (TCP Port 8080 and UDP Port 10001). See Required Ports Reference to learn more.

4. If your device is wirelessly adopted, improve your wireless environment.

A wirelessly adopted device is like any other wireless client, and thus is subject to connectivity issues. See Optimizing Wireless Client Connectivity for more details.

5. Verify if your UniFi Console moved, or if its IP address changed.

This is most common for self-hosted UniFi Network servers, or Cloud Keys that receive an IP address from a non-UniFi gateway. If devices remain on the same network as the UniFi Console, they will connect automatically. If they do not, it’s likely they are on a different network, in which case Layer 3 Adoption is required to re-establish connectivity. This should only be done by advanced users. Otherwise, we recommend reconfiguring your setup so that your Network Application and UniFi devices are on the same Layer 2 network.

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