Troubleshooting an Offline Device

2023-09-23 23:44:47 UTC

UniFi devices that appear offline can often be remedied by a set of simple physical checks.

Check Device Hardware

1. Confirm your device is receiving sufficient power.

Check your product’s datasheet to verify whether it requires PoE, PoE+, or PoE++ power. Ensure that the switch or PoE adapter used to power it is capable of this output. Compatible PoE adapters can be purchased here.
Note: Insufficient power may only occur intermittently such as when many clients connect to a given AP, or when security cameras turn on their infrared (IR) lights at night.

2. Replace the cables.

High-quality UniFi cables can be purchased here. If you are powering devices over a longer cable length with PoE, then try using a short cable (3ft / 1m) instead and check if the behavior is the same. 

3. Try connecting to a different switch port.

Plug your device into a switch port that is known to be working in order to rule out damage on the previous one.

4. Check if your device will power on.

If the LED light or LCM screen does not turn on, your device likely has a physical problem and should be replaced. If your device is within its warranty period, you can exchange it for another unit at our RMA Portal.

If your LED turns on, continue by troubleshooting your network connectivity.

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