Troubleshooting UniFi Device Connectivity

This article discusses best the practices for troubleshooting UniFi devices that are not in a standard "Online" state in your user interface.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Check your device's LED or LCD screen. Here are some important LED statuses to be aware of:
    1. Does Not Turn On: See Troubleshooting an Offline Device to continue.
    2. Flashing White-Blue-Off: Proceed with Recovery Mode.
    3. Blue and Flashing Off Every 5s: Your device does not have connectivity with your network. Continue to step (2).
    4. Others: See LED Statuses for a complete list.
  2. Verify your UniFi device's IP address. See below for a detailed walkthrough of this process.
  3. Ensure the UniFi device and UniFi application can reach each other on TCP Port 8080.
    • Check local firewalls and antivirus software to ensure this is not blocked.
    • If your UniFi device and UniFi Network application are on different VLANs, or you are hosting UniFi Network in the cloud, follow the troubleshooting steps here.
  4. If the UniFi AP is in an "Isolated" state, see here.
  5. If it has not been resolved by the end of this, factory reset and re-adopt the device.

Verifying a Device's IP Address

Here are various methods to check whether a device has an IP address.

Using the UniFi Interface

  • In UniFi Network, navigate to Settings > Networks.
  • Select the IP Leases link at the right of the network in question, and look for your device.

WiFiman App

  1. Download the WiFiman Mobile App (iOS / Android).
  2. Connect your mobile device to a WiFi that is associated with your UniFi setup. 
    • Note: Without a UniFi Gateway, the following step will only detect devices connected to the same network/VLAN that is associated with the WiFi being used.
  3. Look for the UniFi device in the Discovery tab. If your UniFi device is not displayed, or it has an IP address of, see the bullets below.

Direct Connecting Another Device

  1. Unplug your offline UniFi device.
  2. Connect a laptop or PC to your network using the same cable and port used with the UniFi device.
  3. Check the IP address of the device. This is often located in its Network Settings or IP Configuration.
  4. If there is no IP address, or it has an APIPA address (e.g.,, then you will need to troubleshoot why an IP address cannot be received.
  5. Try to connect to the internet. If there is no internet connectivity, this is likely another sign that you should review the bullets below.
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