UniFi Protect - Configure Location-Based Notifications

Easily configure location-based notifications and your desired geofence to control when you receive UniFi Protect notifications - while you're away, or while everyone is away.


  1. Remote Management is enabled.
  2. You are signed in to the UniFi Protect Mobile App (iOS / Android) using a UI Account.
  3. The UniFi Protect Mobile App has sufficient location permissions:
    • iOS: Set the Location Setting to "Always," and enable "Precise Location."
    • Android: Set location access to "Allow all the time."

Configure Location-Based Notifications

  1. Sign in to UniFi on the Web or Protect Mobile App and navigate to UniFi Protect > Settings > Notifications > Activity.
    • Note: You may need to toggle your notifications to "Custom" if they are not already.
  2. Configure "When to Send" to be "Location Based". You can choose between "When I'm Away" or "When Everyone is Away."
  3. Designate which cameras will have Location-Based Notifications.
  4. Confirm your UniFi Console has the correct geolocation. This can be configured in UniFi OS > Console Settings > Edit Location on Map.
  5. Use the slider to set the boundary which determines when you are 'away.' By default, UniFi uses a 200m 'geofence.' Larger boundaries will provide increased accuracy.
  6. Open the Protect Mobile App and navigate to Settings > Primary Device. Ensure your mobile device is selected.

Troubleshooting Location-Based Notifications

If your location-based notifications aren't accurate, this is likely related to how your mobile device is handling location data. You can improve likelihood of correct location data depending on your mobile device's operating system:


  1. Disable Low Power Mode.
  2. Enable Background App Refresh and Cellular Data for the UniFi Protect mobile app.
  3. Disable any VPNs or Mobile Hotspots.


  1. Select High Accuracy Mode for mobile location tracking, if available.
  2. Disable Data Saver mode.
  3. Disable Battery Optimization for the UniFi Protect Mobile App by navigating to Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization > Don't Optimize.
  4. Disable Power Saving Mode to ensure it isn't automatically enabled whenyour phone battery is low.
  5. Disable the Deep Sleep feature for the UniFi Protect Mobile App, if available.
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