UniFi Site Manager

The UniFi Site Manager, located at unifi.ui.com, allows you to securely manage all of your UniFi deployments from a single pane of glass. It comes equipped with an intuitive SD WAN, global permission management, and comprehensive inventory list across all sites.

Site Magic SD WAN

Site Magic empowers you to create scalable and high-performance VPN connections between your UniFi gateways with just a few clicks. Gone are the days of tedious configurations and subnet management. Click here to learn more.

Group Sites By Organization

The UniFi Site Manager facilitates efficient multi-site management by allowing you to organize sites into custom groups for streamlined viewing and navigation.

UniFi Device Manager

The UniFi Devices section provides a comprehensive list of devices across all sites. This is an excellent way to manage device updates and keep track of your inventory.

Global Admin Management

The UniFi Site Manager streamlines permission management by bringing it to a global level. Whether you’re an enterprise with multiple locations or a managed service provider with thousands of clients, you can streamline the process of onboarding new admins to the relevant sites with the necessary permissions.

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