UniFi - Official UniFi Hosting FAQ

How do I get started?

  1. Purchase Official UniFi Hosting directly from the UI Store, or navigate to the UniFi Site Manager > select Display Options > click the “+” button next to “UniFi Cloud”.
  2. Adopt your UniFi devices that will be managed, or migrate them from an existing deployment.
  3. Use the Site Manager or UniFi Mobile App (iOS / Android) for continued management.

How many devices can I manage?

Up to 1,000 UniFi devices can be adopted depending on your subscription tier.

How is this different than a normal UniFi Console or Cloud Gateway?

UniFi Consoles are hardware devices responsible for running UniFi application software and providing remote management through unifi.ui.com. Cloud Gateways are UniFi Consoles that have an integrated gateway to support powerful routing, VPN, and network security.

Official UniFi Hosting is a cloud-only solution for UniFi Network, however an independent gateway such as the Gateway Professional is still required to enable routing, VPN and network security features.

Which applications are supported with Official UniFi Hosting?

Official UniFi Hosting is a dedicated solution for Network device management, however it can be used alongside other UniFi Consoles for expanded application support. For example, you might add Network Video Recorders for scalable security camera management (Protect), or a Cloud Key for VoIP phone (Talk) and door access control (Access).

What happens when my credit card cannot be charged?

If your payment method fails on the billing date for any reason, it will be retried three more times (after one, two and seven days). You will get email notifications prompting for an updated payment method.  If all three retries fail, your subscription will be canceled.

What happens when I cancel my subscription?

When you cancel your subscription, your Official UniFi Hosting instance remains active until the end of the prepaid period. At the end of the billing period, your Official UniFi Hosting instance will be terminated.

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