UniFi - Cloud Console FAQ

2023-05-30 18:29:22 UTC

How does the 500 device limit work?

You can add up to 500 UniFi network devices to your UniFi Cloud Console right now. We will provide additional plans to allow for more devices in the future.

What happens when my credit card cannot be charged?

If the customer’s payment method fails on the billing date for any reason, it will be retried three more  times (after one, two and seven days). The customer will get email notifications prompting for an updated payment method.  If all three retries fail, the subscription will be canceled and the Cloud Console terminated.

How do I add a Cloud Console to unifi.ui.com?

Cloud Consoles will be made available for users when they first login to unifi.ui.com if they have no other consoles managed. 

Additionally, you can click on Display Options > UniFi Console dropdown > hovering over "Cloud" will reveal a "+" button used to add a new Cloud Console.

How do I migrate from my current UniFi application console?

There are two ways to migrate to your new cloud console. Before beginning, it is important to note that the "Inform URL" is what tells your UniFi devices the location of their UniFi Network application console. This is found in the Cloud Console dashboard by clicking "Copy Inform URL".

  • Export Site - Requires Multi-Site Management - In your original UniFi Network Application, go to you Network Settings > System > Export Site > Select the devices you wish to migrate > paste the Inform URL of your new Cloud Console. You will see your devices change connectivity state. Finally, go to your Cloud Console and click "Import Site" under the Site switcher in the upper left corner. Note, you may need to enable Multi-Site Management in your System Settings.
  • Backup Restore - In your original UniFi Network Application, go to your Network Settings > System > Download Migration File. While still on the original Network Application console, enable the "Override Inform Host" field and enter the Inform URL found in your new Cloud Console. Please note, you will need to remove the initial "http://" and the ending ":8080/inform". This will function to "inform" all of your devices to report to the address of the Network console you are migrating to. These devices should appear as "Managed by Other" initially in the new Cloud Console. Once you restore your backup file, to the Cloud Console, you will find that your devices will be successfully adopted and settings will be migrated.

What happens when I cancel my subscription?

When you cancel your subscription, your UniFi Cloud Console remains active until the end of the prepaid period. At the end of the billing period, your UniFi Cloud Console will be terminated.

How do I adopt UniFi devices to the Cloud Console?

The UniFi device adoption process is the same on Cloud Console as any other UniFi Console. For more specific instructions, please refer to this guide.

Which apps are supported on the Cloud Console?

Currently, only the Network application is supported on the Cloud Console.

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