UniFi Video will reach end-of-support on December 31st, 2020.

For more information, please refer to the official community notice.

UniFi Protect - View camera streams and manage recordings

You can manage your Protect camera videos in a few different ways:

  • view real-time camera streams via Live View
  • examine and download recordings via Timelapse
  • review individual motion capture events via Events

Additionally, you can review camera recordings and events for individual cameras using the device's Properties panel.

View real-time camera streams

Live View lets you connect to each camera using Web UI or the Protect mobile all and view camera footage in real time.

To view real-time camera footage using Web UI, go to Devices > Live Feed (on the selected camera).


To view real-time camera footage using the UniFi Protect mobile app, simply select one of the cameras.

By default, the mobile app home screen shows live feeds from all cameras.


Examine recorded footage and review motion events

Timelapse lets you examine full-time recordings with Motion Events highlighted in a color-coded interface to make it easier to identify recordings of interest.

The amount of the recorded footage depends on the "When to record" setting of each camera:

  • Always will make the camera record full-time
  • Motion Events will make the camera to only record the detected motion events
  • Never will disable recording

Please note that setting the recording setting to "Never" disables the motion event recording and motion alerts will not be sent to mobile or email.


Download camera recordings

You can download UniFi Protect recordings in a few different ways:

  • download Motion Event recordings
  • download Smart Detection recordings
  • download full-time recordings

The Adaptive Bitrate feature automatically reduces the video bitrate used during periods of low activity to reduce storage utilization while maintaining good video quality during full-time recordings.

To download Motion and Smart Detection event recordings via the Web UI:

  1. Go to the Events section on the controller's left side panel
  2. Select an Event or a Smart Detection to review the playback
  3. Click Download to download the recording


To download a Motion Event from a particular camera:

  1. Go to the Timelapse of the corresponding camera
  2. Click the Motion event only icon (upper right corner), select one or multiple recordings and click Download



To download a full-time recording from a particular camera:

  1. Go to the Timelapse of the corresponding camera
  2. Clicking the scissor symbol on the bottom right corner
  3. Choose the start and end points and click Download

To download recordings using the UniFi Protect mobile app:

  1. Go to the Activity section or the camera's Timelapse
  2. Tap on the Event to see playback and tap Download


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