Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) For Layer 3 Hosted Setups

Use Case

Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) is designed to streamline device adoption for layer 3, cloud-hosted UniFi deployments. It allows you to assign new devices to existing UniFi sites without manually configuring the inform-address of the site via SSH or other means. 

Note: ZTP offers no additional benefit over the standard adoption process if you are using a local UniFi Console or Network Server. 


  • U7 Pro Max - Support for other devices will be added soon.
  • UniFi Network Version 8.2.71+
  • UniFi OS Version 4.0

Using ZTP

  1. Scan and Add: Scan the device's QR code or manually enter the 9-character ZTP code to add the device to your inventory.
  2. Assign to Site: Assign the device to a site.
  3. Connect and Adopt: Connect the device to the network. It will auto-adopt within a few minutes.

ZTP Usage and Expiration

Each ZTP code can only be used once. It will automatically be disabled if the device is factory reset or otherwise removed from a site. 

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