UniFi Connect - Present Media Content

UniFi Connect enables you to easily manage and display media content. After uploading media to UniFi Connect, there are three methods to present your content: 

  • Media
  • Playlists
  • Layouts

Just upload your existing media files to UniFi Connect to get started.


Media is the foundation of your content in UniFi Connect. Individual files can be added to playlists and layouts or simply presented in a loop on your UniFi Connect devices.

Supported File Formats


A playlist allows you to present a series of images and videos in sequence. You can add background music to your playlists and customize the playback order and duration.

Create Your First Playlist

Go to Media Content and select New Playlist to open the Playlist Editor, where you can:

  • Add content to the playlist.
  • Change the duration of the image slides.
  • Enable/disable audio for video slides.   
  • Customize the slides' order.
  • Preview the playlist.
  • Save and assign the playlist to UniFi Connect devices.   


Effortlessly create eye-catching, dynamic content by arranging media content in a customizable grid with UniFi Connect’s Layout Editor. Combine existing media files without re-encoding and integrate widgets like text, time, and tickers for additional information.

Create Your First Layout

Go to Media Content and select New Layout to open the Layout Editor, where you can: 

  • Add media content to the layout canvas.
  • Add built-in widgets such as text, time, and tickers.
  • Resize and move content to its desired position.
  • Save and assign the layout to UniFi Connect devices.

Assign Content 

To assign content to a specific device, go to Device Page > select the device > Setting Page. 

Automate Content Presentation

Create automations in UniFi Connect to streamline your business operations by controlling media content on multiple UniFi Connect devices at once. For example:

  • Schedule a holiday ad campaign for specific dates so your digital signage amplifies an in-store promotion.
  • Set up automations to simultaneously update media content on multiple digital signage displays with a single click.

Device Capabilities

Model Media Playlist Layouts
Connect Display
Display Cast
EV Station Pro
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