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No Door Unlock Recordings Are Being Recorded

  1. Check if your UniFi Console has an HDD installed or has a built-in hard disk.
  2. Go to your OS Settings > Storage and check if there is storage remaining.
  3. Ensure that you have the Door Unlock Recordings option enabled in your Access application > Settings > System > Video Recording > Door Unlock Recordings.
  4. If the issue persists, provide the following information and contact support:
    1. Your time zone.
    2. UA Hub Support File: Go to your Access application > Devices > Location Hubs > UA Hub > Settings > Manage > Download Support File.

Why Can't the Same UA Card Be Used to Unlock Doors Deployed on Different UniFi Consoles?

You can use a UA Card to unlock doors deployed only on the same UniFi Console. 

A UA Card stores only one set of encrypted keys and tokens when it is assigned to the doors of the UniFi Access application deployed on a UniFi Console. Because each console comes with a different key, a UA Card assigned to one console cannot be used to unlock the doors deployed on another console. 

When a user attempts to unlock a door by holding their UA Card against a reader, the reader's key reads the UA Card's token, and then encrypts and transfers the token to the UA Hub to verify the door unlock request.

Note: Identity Enterprise Door Access does not have such a limitation because the encrypted key of a deployed door reader is generated on the workspace level. This means you can use the same UA Card to unlock doors deployed on different sites of your Identity Enterprise Workspace.

Can I Use a Single UA Hub to Manage Multiple Doors?

  • Access Hub (UA Hub): Support a single door (up to 3 readers).
  • Enterprise Access Hub (EAH-8): Support up to 8 doors (up to 8 readers).
  • Elevator Hub (UA Elevator): Support for up to 18 floors and digital inputs for car status and emergency.

How Do I Set Up an EAH-8 with 8 doors, Each with Two Readers, If There Are Only 8 PoE Ports?

The EAH-8 is designed to control up to 8 doors with a maximum of 8 readers. 

You can choose to pair one reader per door or multiple readers per door. For example, you have the flexibility to pair one reader with each of the 8 doors or pair up to 8 readers with a single door. However, using more than one reader per door will reduce the overall number of doors that the EAH-8 can manage. For example, configuring 4 doors with 2 readers each will reach the maximum reader capacity of the EAH-8.

Doors without connected UA Readers can still be remotely unlocked using door terminals, but they won't have reader functionality. Each door is equipped with 8 Exit Request terminals, providing the flexibility to connect exit buttons or motion sensors for exit-request purposes.

Do I Need to Purchase Specific Maglocks to Use UniFi Access?

UniFi Access supports electric strikes, electric bolts, and magnetic locks with dry and powered (12v, up to 1A) relays. Integration with locks from external vendors is also supported, but ensure they support 12V powered relays (up to 1A) or use a dry relay with an external power supply. We recommend using Ubiquit’s Access Lock Magnetic and Access Lock Electric as they have been vetted. Some lower-quality third-party locks have been known to struggle at longer distances. 

Can I Connect Access Readers Directly to a PoE Switch Instead of an Access Hub?

UniFi Access Readers must be directly connected to UniFi Access Hubs. The direct hub-to-reader connection:

  • Utilizes proprietary communication to provide a robust defense against potential hacking risks.
  • Plays a pivotal role in maintaining uninterrupted functionality during console outages or network disruptions. Even in adverse conditions, the UnFi Access Reader remains operational, contributing to a reliable and resilient access control solution.

Does UniFi Access Have Emergency-Specific Functionality for Events like Fires?

UniFi Access supports both manual and hard-wired emergency mode (Lockdown and Evacuation) activation. 

  • Lockdown: Lock one or all doors immediately.
  • Evacuation: Unlock one or all doors immediately.

Admins can activate emergency mode on Access web-based applications, and iOS and Android apps. By connecting a fire panel to a UA Hub, admins can configure a default emergency mode, which will be automatically activated when a fire signal is sent from the file panel. Learn more about the emergency mode

Will UniFi Access Remain Operational during a Power Outage?

Yes. UniFi Access can remain operational during a power outage. This requires a battery-back power supply, such as a Switch Mission Critical or a UPS on your switches. Note that access rights are synchronized with the UniFi Access Hub, so if a UniFi Console goes down, door access will remain. Alternatively, you can manually configure locks as fail-safe or fail-secure, allowing them to be locked or unlocked, respectively, during a power outage.

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