UniFi Connect - Get Started

UniFi Connect is a modern Enterprise of Things platform that consists of professional audio/visual (A/V) products, lighting, and electric vehicle charging stations.

With UniFi Connect’s scalable management capabilities, it’s easy to manage anything from a single Connect Display running an interactive digital signage application to an entire campus’s lighting, EV charging, and dynamic displays.

Key Features

  • Device Management at Scale: Effortlessly administer large-scale deployments with UniFi Connect, which allows for comprehensive monitoring and configuration of all devices.
  • Automation: Configure devices on a schedule with UniFi Connect’s intuitive Automation feature to streamline your business operations. For more information, read our article here.
  • Content Creation: Use Layouts, our user-friendly content creation tool, to build engaging and bespoke content tailored to your organization.

UniFi Connect Products

  • Professional A/V: UniFi Connect features an array of professional A/V products that can be used for content streaming and digital signage.
  • EV Charging: UniFi Connect’s advanced, Level 2 AC chargers integrate digital signage, automated scheduling, user authentication, and payment processing. For more information, read our article here.
  • Lighting: Our portfolio includes high-illumination LED panels and dimmers, specifically designed for large-scale office environments.

Connect Web Application

The UniFi Connect application is the centralized management platform for your UniFi Connect deployment. It runs on compatible UniFi Consoles, such as the Dream Machine series and the CloudKey+. UniFi Connect devices must be adopted to your console’s UniFi Connect application for management. Once set up, the application is accessible locally or through the Site Manager.

Connect Mobile App

Designed for admins and business owners, the UniFi Connect mobile app (iOS / Android) allows for secure and convenient remote management while on-the-go.

Get Started

  1. Connect your UniFi Connect devices to the same network as your compatible UniFi Console (UDR, UDM-Pro, UDM-SE, UDM-Pro-Max, UDW, UCK-G2-PLUS).
  2. Install the UniFi Connect application on your UniFi Console via local access or the Site Manager.
  3. Download and install the UniFi Connect mobile app (iOS / Android).
  4. Launch the UniFi Connect web application or mobile app to adopt your UniFi Connect devices.
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