UniFi Access - Install and Manage UA Hub Elevator

After installation, admins can manage the UA Elevator in Devices > Location Hubs > select an elevator hub > Settings, and specify its relay mapping, door opener activation duration, lock mode, emergency mode, and elevator position encoding. 

See the following articles for details about other configurations.

Manage Relay Mapping

Name each relay by entering or selecting the corresponding floor name. This allows admins to easily manage each floor’s access policies and leave unlocked schedules.

Manage Door Opener

  • Door Opener Activation Duration: Specify the number of seconds within which each user must select a floor after a successful access authorization.
  • Mode
    • Fail-Secure: The elevator will remain locked during power outages. This mode can only be enabled if the elevator is connected to the NO and COM ports of its location hub.
    • Fail-Safe: The elevator will remain unlocked during power outages. This mode can only be enabled if the elevator is connected to the NC and COM ports of its location hub.

Manage Emergency Mode

See this article for details.

Configure Elevator Position Encoding

UniFi Access currently supports Binary, BCD, and Gray.

Use Case - Keep Specific Floors Always Unlocked

In a common elevator scenario, you may need to allow everyone to reach the 1st floor while restricting access to the 2nd, 3rd, and other specific floors to certain people. To keep specific floors always unlocked, you can do either of the following:

  • Do not wire the 1st floor to the Elevator Hub, which will leave it unrestricted.
  • Follow the steps below to set an Unlock Schedule for the 1st floor to All Day.
  1. Go to your Access application > Devices > Hubs and select your Elevator Hub.
  2. Go to Settings > Unlock Schedule and select Custom Schedule.
  3. Specify the unlock schedule allowing users to access all day.
  4. Go to Apply to Floors and select 1st floor.
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