UniFi Identity Enterprise - Notification Subscription

UniFi Identity Enterprise keeps you informed of what matters to you by sending push notifications, emails, and Slack notifications.

Note: To receive UniFi Identity Enterprise notifications in Slack, your workspace admins must first configure Slack Integration.

Manage Notification Subscriptions

The notification settings can be modified both on your UniFi Identity Enterprise web platforms and your Identity Enterprise apps. However, the Identity Enterprise mobile app currently only allows managing push notification subscriptions. Any changes made to push notification subscriptions will be synced between the Identity app and the web platform.


  1. Go to your Identity Enterprise Manager, Identity Enterprise Workspace, or Identity Enterprise desktop app.
  2. Click your profile picture > Manage Your Account or Manage Account > Notification Subscription/Email Newsletter.
  3. Manage your notifications as needed.
    1. Push Notification Settings: This allows you to turn on/off all push notifications with a simple click.
    2. Hover over the tooltip icon to view a notification’s description.
    3. Click the dark gray icon to subscribe or click the blue icon to unsubscribe.
      • The blue icon indicates that the notification has been subscribed.
      • The light gray icon indicates that the subscription to the notification is not supported.
      • The dark gray icon indicates that the notification is supported for subscription but hasn't been subscribed yet.

Identity Enterprise Mobile App

  1. Open your Identity Enterprise mobile app.
  2. Tap your profile picture > Notification Preferences.
  3. Turn on/off a toggle to subscribe or unsubscribe to a push notification.

View Notifications

  • View push notifications:
    • Identity Enterprise Workspace and Identity Enterprise Manager: Click the Doorbell icon in the upper-right corner.
    • Identity desktop app: Click Notifications.
    • Identity mobile app: Tap the Doorbell  icon.
  • View Slack notifications:
    • Go to your Slack app > Apps > UID.
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