Activating UniFi Cable Internet

Thank you for purchasing UniFi Cable Internet (UCI)! A few steps can get you up and running in minutes with your new rack-mounted cable modem, seamlessly integrated into your UniFi system.

This guide will help you get started with your UCI.

Supported Cable Providers

Currently, UCI works only in the United States. The following ISPs / cable providers are supported:

If you do not have one of these three ISPs, or are outside of the United States, UCI will not be able to be activated and provide internet access.

*Comcast Business requires not using a static IP from Comcast.

Connecting Your Modem

Make sure to connect the coaxial port to your ISP’s outlet. If you have not previously set up internet access with this provider, they may need to send a technician to properly set up the correct outlet.

UCI can work as a cable modem to any network deployment. We recommend using a UniFi Cloud Gateway, such as a Dream Machine, as your gateway/firewall. Simply connect the RJ45 port on UCI to the RJ45 WAN port on a Cloud Gateway.

If the UCI is physically connected but no internet is detected, it will show this screen on its liquid crystal module (LCM).


Please note that this can indicate:

  • Either that the UCI has been properly activated but internet is down, or:
  • The UCI needs to be activated

If the UCI has been activated but internet is down, please contact your ISP to determine the status of the network and see if there is an outage.

If the UCI needs to be activated, proceed to the next section.

Activating Your UCI With Your ISP

Your UCI must be activated with your ISP before it will provide an internet connection. Each ISP maintains a website to begin the process:

You may need to provide the Model name and MAC ID/serial number as part of the process. These can be found by scrolling right on the LCM of the UCI. Note that you should use the MAC that is shown on the display, not the MAC that is shown within UniFi Network.

Special note for Cox customers: Cox activation agents will ask for the serial number. Note that it is the same as the MAC, but without the ':' delimiter. This is the valid serial number. If Cox agents have questions, it may help to show them this documentation page. mac-id.png

Activation Troubleshooting

For most users, activation with your ISP is a relatively straightforward process, and can be done via web / app in a few minutes. However, sometimes issues arise. Here are a few common roadblocks and ways to handle them:

  • Activation fails on app: In some cases, ISPs will not allow you to finish activation via app. In this case, call your ISP and ask to activate a new cable modem. Make sure to have the Model Number (“UCI”) and MAC ID (as described above, on the LCM) to give to the support agent.
  • Billing changes if you were previously using a leased modem: If you previously were using a cable modem that you leased from your ISP, they may wish to adjust your billing terms and/or contractual arrangements if you switch to a modem that you own, such as UCI. This is sometimes a reason phone activation is required.
  • Business account: Unfortunately, business accounts are not currently supported for Charter Spectrum or Cox. They are supported for Comcast, as long as you are not using a static IP.

Activating Your UCI in UniFi

After activating your UCI with your ISP, it should start providing internet uplink to your gateway immediately.

If you are using a UniFi Cloud Gateway, make sure to adopt the UCI on the Devices page! You will gain access to statistics to help you troubleshoot in the case of any issues.

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