UniFi Identity Enterprise - Plan and Billing

For users in the U.S. regions, upgrading to Identity Enterprise now automatically offers a 30-day free trial on the Identity Enterprise Standard Plan. Once the trial expires, the Workspace Owner has the flexibility to subscribe to the Standard Plan or downgrade to the license-free UniFi Identity (requires adding at least a UniFi Console to your workspace).

Plan Options

Plan Name Standard Plan
Monthly Cost (USD) $5 per user per month (tax excluded)
Annual Cost (annual payment in US$) $4.5 per user per month (tax excluded)
Supported Features
User Unlimited (Min. 5 users)
Site Unlimited
Door Unlimited
Activity Logging Storage Up to 90 days
Door Unlock Recording Storage Up to 90 days
SSO App Unlimited
Workflows and Approvals Unlimited
One-Click WiFi Yes
One-Click VPN Yes
Phone-Based Door Access Yes
Protect Camera Sharing Yes
EV Station Yes
User Lifecycle Management Yes
Multi-Factor Authentication Yes
Passwordless Sign-In Yes
Organization Chart Yes
Helpdesk Yes
Slack Integration Yes
Universal Directory (Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and CSV) Yes
Universal Directory (AD, LDAP, and JumpCloud) Yes
Identity Provider (Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 Yes
Attendance Yes
Layout Yes
Group Visibility Yes
SaaS Expense Insights Yes
Adaptive VPN Yes
Custom Role and Privileges Yes
Software Installed Report Yes
AD/LDAP Directory Delegation Require plan add-on
Supported Portals & Platforms
Admin Web Portal Identity Enterprise Manager
User Web Portal Identity Enterprise Workspace
  • UniFi Identity Enterprise mobile app for iOS & Android
  • UniFi Identity Enterprise desktop app for macOS & Windows

Manage Your Billing Information and Payment Method

The following outlines important payment information:

  1. We bill you upfront. 
    You always pay for UniFi Identity Enterprise at the start of your billing cycle. If you make changes in the middle of a billing cycle, we'll prorate how much you're charged (or credited back), so that you only pay for what you actually use. These prorations will be applied at the start of the next billing cycle.

  2. Billing cycle: Currently, paid subscription plans are billed monthly and annually.

Edit Billing Information or Change Payment Method

Notes: For Wire Transfer payments:

  • If you haven’t subscribed to UniFi Identity Enterprise yet, you can use Wire Transfer as a payment method.
  • If you have subscribed to UniFi Identity Enterprise, you can use Wire Transfer for payments only if your workspace has at least 25 users.
  • An invoice will be generated within 1 hour after the successful completion of your Wire Transfer payment.

Important: Changing your payment method only applies to upcoming invoices and doesn’t apply to invoices with Pending or Failed statuses.

  1. Sign in to your Identity Enterprise Manager (https://[your workspace domain].ui.com/cloud).

  2. Go to Settings > Plan & Billing > Billing Information.
  3. Click Change Payment Method or Edit Information.

Change the Payer

  1. Only the workspace owner can make the payment. Thus, you need to transfer the workspace ownership to the payer.
  2. Go to Settings > Plan & Billing > Billing Information.
  3. Click Edit Information and edit the full name and email address.
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