Explore the New User Interface of Identity Enterprise Manager

Revolutionize your workspace management with the all-new Identity Enterprise Manager! Our sleek, modern interface lets you effortlessly access all of UniFi Identity Enterprise's features in one centralized location. Plus, we've taken things a step further by moving door access management to UniFi Access for even more centralized control. Try the new Identity Enterprise Manager now and simplify your workspace management!

Note: UID Manager Portal has been renamed to Identity Enterprise Manager. With the name change, we are highlighting the importance of identity management in the UniFi ecosystem, and reinforcing our commitment to providing the best possible user experience.



New Look and Feel

We've given our user interface a major overhaul to simplify workspace management and align perfectly with UniFi OS and other UniFi applications. It offers a clear and centralized view of all the features that UniFi Identity Enterprise has to offer.

Streamlined Door Access Management with UniFi Access Upgrade

We have made door access control simpler and more efficient by transferring most processes from Identity Enterprise Manager to the UniFi Access application. With this update, UniFi Access manages all door access devices, policies, and visitors in one centralized platform. Only user, group, and permission settings related to door access are controlled by the Identity Enterprise Manager.


Streamlined User Management

We've centralized user management under Organization to let you manage all your users in one place and assign resources without having to navigate to each resource's details page.

Simplified Site Navigation

We've streamlined site management. You can view the services enabled for each site by simply clicking on Services. This eliminates the need to switch between different sites to manage their services.

Convenient Directory Integration

Integration with third-party directory services can be fully configured in Identity Enterprise Manager, eliminating the need to head to Identity Enterprise Agent during the setup process. If you remove a directory service from a UniFi Console, its configurations will still be saved in Identity Enterprise Manager. This makes it easy to deploy those configurations on other hosts and protects against service loss in case of failures or disasters.

Consolidated Security Features

We've consolidated the Security Policy, Network Zone, and Behavior Rule features all into the Security > Identity Firewall page. This streamlines workspace security management and gives you a better overview of the entire UniFi Identity Enterprise workspace security configuration.

Improved System Log

Keep track of your system activities with our revamped system log display, making it easier to monitor critical issues, admin and user activities, and other events that occur within your UniFi Identity Enterprise system. This provides a better overview of your system activities and allows you to identify and troubleshoot issues quickly.


Go to the UniFi OS on which UniFi Identity Enterprise is activated and make sure you have done all of the following:

  1. Ensure your Release Channel is set to "Official Access" and UniFi OS is updated to the latest version in Applications > UniFi OS.
  2. Ensure your door access devices are updated to the latest versions in Applications > Access > DEVICES.
    • UA Lite: Updated to v3.9.8.0 or later
    • UA Pro: Updated to v2.3.178 or later
    • UA Hub: Updated to v4.0.14.15 or later
  3. Ensure your Identity Enterprise Agent is updated to v1.54.6 or later in Identity Enterprise Manager > Settings > UniFi Console.
  4. Ensure your UniFi Access application is updated to v1.6.8 or later in Applications > Access. The application will automatically update to the latest version once Identity Enterprise Agent is updated to v1.54.6 or later.

How to Switch to the New User Interface

  1. Make sure your UniFi OS has met the new interface requirements mentioned above.
  2. Go to your Identity Enterprise Manager (https://[your workspace domain].ui.com/cloud).
  3. Click your profile picture in the upper-right corner and select "Explore our new user interface".
  • You can switch back to the legacy user interface at any time by going to your profile picture and selecting "Switch to the legacy user interface".

Eligibility for the New User Interface

  • The new user interface is available when your Identity Enterprise Agent is v1.54.6 or later.
  • The new user interface is rolled out gradually across all the UniFi Identity Enterprise GA launched regions.

Auto-Notification of New Interface

  • Workspace owners and super admins will be notified through notifications and emails that Identity Enterprise Agent v1.54.6 or later is required to access the new interface.
  • The Door Access and Directory Integration features are unavailable if the Identity Enterprise Agent is below v1.54.6.
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