UniFi Gateway - Teleport VPN

Teleport is a zero-configuration VPN that allows you to instantly connect to your UniFi network from a remote location. Users with a Next-Gen gateway or UniFi Cloud Gateway running UniFi OS can access it from Network Settings > Teleport & VPN.

How Does it Work?

After enabling Teleport, you can generate an invitation and share it with your desired recipient. If the recipient already has the WiFiman Mobile App (iOS / Android) or WiFiman Desktop installed, the invitation will automatically add the VPN to the app. If not, the invitation will prompt the user to install the app. Once installed, the invitation will add the Teleport VPN when it is clicked again.

Once the recipient has accepted the Teleport invitation, they can easily and securely access the UniFi network remotely, at any time.

Note: The invitation expires in 24 hours and can only be utilized by a single device at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I revoke access?

If the invitation is still pending, it can be revoked in Invitation History. If the invitation has already been accepted by the recipient, access can be revoked by viewing the Teleport client in the Client Devices section.

2. Is Teleport secure, and does it track my data?

Teleport uses the Wireguard VPN to encrypt your traffic and secure remote access connections. Your data is not stored by Teleport.

3. How does Teleport compare with other VPNs, and can you use them simultaneously?

Teleport’s Wireguard integration allows it to deliver higher throughput than traditional VPNs. Teleport doesn’t reserve addresses/ports and can be used alongside other VPNs.

4. Can Teleport be used when the UniFi gateway is behind NAT?

Yes. Unlike traditional VPNs such as L2TP, which encounter issues when behind NAT, Teleport can be used when both the UniFi gateway and client are behind NAT. 

5. Can Teleport be used on desktop or laptop clients?

It is possible if the desktop or laptop client supports running mobile apps. Apple macOS devices with the M1 chip or newer are able to run iOS apps and can use WiFiman with Teleport.

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