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This article introduces how to create a map for your site.

Note: Currently, only the UID Manager mobile app iOS version supports this feature.

Create an AR Floor Layout

1. On your iOS device, go to the UID Manager mobile app > Map on the Dashboard screen and tap the floor to create a map for it.

2. Tap Add Room to create a room. Fill in the room name and tap Next to proceed.

3. Point your phone camera down to the ground, then move it from the ground to the closest corner so that the phone can scan and recognize the ground.
image1.png     image14.png

4. Start creating the AR Plan. We recommend drawing one room at a time.

    a. Aim the target point at the corner and tap Add Corner to start drawing a wall.

    b. Move your phone along the wall, tap Add Corner again to finish adding this wall.


    c. Tap Add Door to start drawing a door. Once complete, tap Confirm Adding Door to finish drawing the door and continue drawing the wall.


    d. Tap Complete to finishing drawing the room.

    e. Tap Done to connect the wall directly. At the same time, you can tap Detect Device after drawing the room map and tap Save to complete the drawing.

Note: You can also add devices to your layout later.


Edit Room

Tap to enter the floor screen to view your rooms, then you can edit them in the following ways.

Adjust the direction of the room

Select the room that you want to adjust the direction and rotate it to the desired angle.


Bind the room

Select the room and move to your ideal location. It will automatically absorb and bind the walls together when two rooms are near.

image24.png    image20.png

Enter editing mode

Double tap the room or tap Enter to enter the room editing mode. Tap Delete to remove the room.


Modify the corner

Tap the corner of the room to modify. You can drag the corner to the desired location point. Tap Delete to remove the corner.


Modify the wall

Tap the wall of the room to modify. You can drag the wall to the desired location. You can also add another corner to modify the wall. Tap Delete to remove the wall.


Modify the door

Tap Bind to bind the door that has been configured on your site. Select the door and drag to move the location.

image16.png    image12.png

Add Devices

You can add devices to your room when creating the Layout, by using the Detect Device feature.

image3.png        image23.png

If your Layout has already been created, you can add more devices by following the instructions below:

1. Enter the room and tap Add Device.

2. Select the device you want to add in the room. If the site is bound with the device, it will automatically show on the Adopted device list. If the device hasn’t been bound with the site, select the device you want to add to the room in the Virtual element list.


3. Drag the device to the exact location in the room. You can perform the ChangeBindUndo, and Delete actions on your devices here.

4. Tap Save and Exit Room to complete.

View Site Map on Web Portal

To view the maps you created on the UID Manager mobile map, go to UID Manager Portal > Layout.

image27.pngThe color light icon on the UniFi device icon is used to display the status of the device.

  • Green Light: The device is online.
  • Yellow Light: The device needs to be configured.
  • Blue Light: The device is updating.
  • Red Light: The device is offline.image21.png
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