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This application and its related devices will no longer receive any manner of technical support, including functional and security updates. Additionally, there will be no further updates to Help Center content pertaining to UniFi Video.

UID - WiFi Experience Score

The WiFi Experience Score (WES) helps IT managers understand and locate WiFi problems to optimize their network. Submitting the WES captures the network details along with the users’ location through the UI mobile app or UID Manager Portal.

When users report a WiFi issue, the following information will be included:

Users’ information: Name, WiFi Experience Score, Location, Problem and Comment

Device information: Model, Address, IP address, UI app version

Network details: WiFi, UniFi OS version, Network Application Version, Connected AP (Model, Address and Firmware), Channel, Band and Signal

This article describes how users can report a WiFi issue, and how administrators can view and track issue reports. To use WES, please ensure that you have updated to the versions listed below:

  • UID Agent: 1.46.1+1691
  • UI iOS App: 0.47.1(163) and later
  • UI Android App: 0.47.1(973)
  • UI Desktop macOS: 0.47.1(40)
  • UI Desktop Windows:
  • UID iOS App:0.47.1(115)
  • UID Android App: 0.47.1(1951)

Note: WES is not included in the Basic Plan. To enable this feature, please go to UID Manager Portal > Settings > Plan to apply for a plan quota. 

Report a WiFi Issue

Report a WiFi Issue on UI mobile app 

1. Log in to the UI mobile app and click to connect to UID WiFi.

2. After the WES loads, click the three spots in the WiFi section.

3. Click Report a WiFi Issue.


4. Select your problem, location, and room.

5. If there is a Layout on your floor, Tap or drag to point out your location and click OK. Add comments if needed and click Submit.

6. If there is no Layout on your floor, input the room name and click Submit.

Report a WiFi Issue on UI desktop

1. Connect to UID WiFi and place your cursor on the WES score, and a tab of WiFi condition will pop up. Click Report a WiFi issue.


2. Select your problem, location, and room.

3. If there is a Layout on your floor, choose on your location and click OK.

4. If there is no Layout on your floor, input the room name and click Submit.

View Issue Reports 

View Issue Reports on UID mobile app

 Note: Only the admins can view the reported WiFi issues.

1. Log in to the UID mobile app and click WES Insight.

2. Choose a floor.

3. Click View Details and then click the user's name to see details of the issue.

View Issue Reports on UID Manager Portal

1. Login to the UID Manger Portal, click Layout and choose WES under the Show Coverage dropdown.


2. Click View Details to review the issue reports.

3. Select the user to see the details.

Note: Reporting a WiFi issue is also allowed when there is no WiFi connection and WES is 0%.  However, WES is not available if there is no floor on the site.

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