UID - Migrating Accounts on UI Verify

The UI Verify app supports the migration feature, which means you can transfer accounts between devices and different versions of the application.

For iOS users, if you have seen the pop-up that your UI Verify app has expired, it means you are still using the UI Verify iOS mobile app from TestFlight. Please reinstall the TestFlight app here to retrieve your code. Then, follow the steps below to migrate to the new UI Verify app on the Apple Store. The UI Verify mobile app in TestFlight will no longer be updated and maintained.

For Android users, if your application version is lower than 0.42.1, please download the latest version of the UI Verify app from the Google Play Store and follow the migration steps below.

Export Accounts

Import Accounts

Remove Accounts

Export Accounts

The first step in migrating your account on theUI app is to export your existing account:

1. Go to the old UI Verify app and click the icon in the top right corner. Select Export Accounts.


2. Tap Continue and select the accounts you want to export in the list of existing accounts. Select Export and a QR code will be generated.Note: A maximum of 10 accounts can be transferred at a time.

3. If you want to transfer the UI Verify mobile app on the same device, you can take a screenshot to save the QR code and send it to another device to scan it, or you can scan it directly by using a different device. Once the QR code is scanned and exported successfully, click Done to complete.

Import Accounts

1. Download the new UI Verify app fromthe Apple Store or Google Play Store on the device you plan to use 2FA on. Open the app and click Get Started. Click Next to confirm your identity. You may be prompted to enter your phone passcode or Face ID.


2. Click Import Existing Accounts Or click Add Account and select Import Existing Accounts.


3. Go to your original UI Verify mobile app to select the accounts you want to transfer and generate a QR code following the steps in the Export Accounts section above (QR code is valid for ten minutes). Then, go to your new UI Verify mobile app to click Scan a QR Code to scan it. 

Tip: You can save the QR code and send it to your laptop or other device. Scanning from your photo album is not supported yet.

If you get an error when scanning the QR code that says, "Activate code does not match, please check," check if the system time on your mobile phone is in the correct time zone.

Remove Accounts

After you transfer your accounts to the new UI Verify mobile app, you can remove all accounts in the previous app. If you click Skip, the account will remain accessible in the old app (the OTP code will exist in multiple devices at the same time).

Note: Since the Push will not transfer with the account, if you want to continue using Push, go to Your Workspace > Manage Your Account > Security > Remove UI Verify to set it up again.


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