UID - Workflows and Approvals

This article describes how to create and manage UID Workflow, an interface that automates business processes for Enterprise Managers and HR Managers, like approving employee travel and time off.

Admins: Create and Manage Forms

To create a new form as an admin user:

1. Click Workflow on the UID navigation bar to access the Workflow page and click Add Form to start to create a new form.


2. Fill in the input fields of the Basic section.


Need help with the Basic Information fields?
  • Form Name*: Input form name in the field
  • Form Icon: Select an icon for the form.
  • Note: The first icon on the first row is set to be the default icon.
  • Category*: Select a category where the form will be categorized. There are a total of nine categories to select from: HR, IT, Finance, Project, R&D, Time off, Sales, DevOps, and Others.
  • Who Can Submit: Click the add icon to select users who can see and submit approvals. All users can submit approvals by default.
    • Select Users - Groups: Specify users in certain groups to submit approvals in the form. Check the user group names and click OK to confirm the selection. No groups are chosen by default.
      Note: You can navigate to UID Portal > User > User Details > Profile to check the groups that suers belong to.
    • Select Users - Users: Specify certain users to submit approvals in the form. Check the user names and click OK to confirm the selection. No users are chosen by default.
    • Select Users - Roles: Specify certain roles to submit approvals in the form. Check the role names and click OK to confirm the selection. No roles are chosen by default.
  • Belong To: Admins can select Belong To to classify the form as Workspace-level or Site-level for inviting admins with different permissions to edit the form collaboratively.
    • Workspace-level: Owners and Super Admins are allowed to edit the form.
    • Site-level: Owners, Super Admins, and Site Admins are allowed to edit the form.
      Note: Owners and Super Admins can create forms at Workspace-level or Site-level while Site Admins can only create forms at the Site-level.
  • Who Can Edit*: This field shows admins who can edit the form.
  • Execute Time: Select the Execute Time for approval. If the approval remains un-processed past the given time, its status will automatically change to timeout. Execute Time can be set anywhere between one day to two weeks.
  • Description: Input form description in the field.

*Required fields

3. Customize your form using our design configurator.


Drag graphical widgets from the control library to the control panel in the middle of the page. Click the widget in the control panel to edit the widget. If the Required option in the widget details tab is checked, this widget will be required when the user submitting the approval.

4. Build in logic around your form by adding approvers and conditions to your Workflow.


5. Click Publish to save your new workflow.

After creating the form, the site Owner and the form creator have permission to edit and deactivate the form by default, while the Super Admin and Site Admin can edit forms only when they are selected in Basic > Who Can Edit field.


Hover your mouse over the form desired and click Deactivate to deactivate the form.

Once the form has been deactivated, hover over and click on the corresponding text to Activate or Delete the form.

Admins: View and Export Approvals

To view approvals in UID web:

1. Go to Workflow > Approvals to see the approval list.


Note: Owner and Super Admin can view all approvals from the workspace. Site Admins can only view approvals from his/her managed site.

2. You can use the Filter button at the top left of the approval page to select filters for the approvals. You can apply up to 5 filters at a time.


3. Click on any approval from the list to bring up the details tab, where you can comment, revoke, delete, reject or approve the approval.

To view approvals from the UI mobile app:

1. Launch the UI mobile app and log in with your account.

2. Tap Approvals in the Applications tab.

Note: Only forms that have the Display on App List option enabled in the Basic information section will be displayed here.

3. Select the Pending, Done, My, CC, or Mentions tab to see approvals of each category, and tap on any approval to view the details tab.

To export approvals, click the Export button at the top right of the approval list page and select the Approval, Date, Status, and Applicant.


Note: Clicking “Export” will download all the approvals on your current screen in .xlsx format. If you’d like to download a filtered list, simply apply the desired filters first, then click “Export.”

Users: Submit Approvals

To submit approvals as a user from UID on a web browser:

1. Navigate to the user portal and click the APPROVALS icon on the left navigation bar on the web page.

2. Select a form on the approvals page to submit an approval.


To submit approvals from the UI mobile app:

1. Launch UI mobile app and log in with your account.

2. Tap the form button in the Applications tab to access the approval edit tab.

Note: If the option Display On App List is enabled in the form Basic information section, the form will be displayed here in the Applications tab in the UI mobile app

3. Fill in the fields on the form and tap Submit.

You can edit, comment, and revoke an approval after submitting by selecting the approval in the UID mobile application or via web browser. You can only revoke approvals with a status of Pending, Timeout, or Abnormal.



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