Troubleshooting Mobile App Connectivity

If you are unable to connect to your UniFi OS Console, please try the following steps to fix the issue.

1. Update your mobile app to the latest version.

2. Power-cycle your UniFi OS Console.

3. Sign in locally with a web browser at in order to disable then re-enable Remote Access.

      a. Log in, select your UniFi OS Console, then go to: Settings > Advanced > Remote Access.

4. Check if there are any ongoing outages to the Remote Access Service at During interruptions to service, you can access your console locally through the app or by typing unifi/ into your web browser.

5. Check for any 3rd party firewalls in your network aside from your UniFi gateway. They may be blocking necessary ports (e.g., UDP 3478, TCP/UDP 443, and/or TCP 8883) required for remote connectivity. Refer to this article for all port requirements.

6. Delete and reinstall your mobile app.

7. Contact support. You can expedite your request by doing the following prior to your agent interaction, as they will ask if you are able to:

      a. Connect to your mobile app locally (i.e., your mobile device is on the same WiFi network as the application you’re accessing).

      b. Connect to your mobile app remotely (i.e., your mobile device is connected to a different WiFi network than the application you’re accessing, or you’re using cellular data to access it).

      c. Connect to the application remotely with a web browser at

      d. Connect to the web application locally with your console’s IP address

      e. Download a copy of your UniFi OS Console’s support file by going to: Settings > Advanced > Download Support File

      f. Include your results from steps (a)-(e) in the description of your support request.

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