UniFi Network - Identify your Access Point Model

You can easily determine your device model by going to the Devices section in your UniFi Network Application and referencing the Model column. Below is a list of all our Access Point models with links to their Data Sheet or Quick Start Guide.

Note: Some are legacy devices and may not be supported in full or at all by future releases. Please refer here for a full list of our vintage and legacy products.


7th Generation Devices

6th Generation Devices

5th Generation Devices

4th Generation Devices

3rd Generation Devices

2nd Generation Devices

1st Generation Devices

  • UAP
  • UAP LR
  • UAP IW
  • UAP v2
  • UAP LR v2
  • UAP AC
  • UAP AC v2
  • UAP AC Outdoor
  • UAP Outdoor
  • UAP Outdoor5
  • UAP Outdoor+
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