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UniFi Talk offers number porting, which allows you to transfer your existing phone numbers to UniFi Talk and incorporate them into your subscription plan. While number porting is a highly coordinated and regulated process, we’ve made it as easy as possible. Simply fill out a form in the UniFi Talk application, electronically sign it, and submit a recent bill. We’ll handle everything else.

This article explains the process for porting phone numbers to and away from UniFi Talk.

Porting a phone number to UniFi Talk

You can start a new number porting request from the Talk application. The process for porting a phone number into UniFi Talk varies based on the losing carrier.

Note: Currently, UniFi Talk is officially supported in the United States. We’re working to expand our services to the United States’ territories and other countries.

Within the United States, UniFi Talk supports porting of nearly all phone numbers. At this time, UniFi Talk does not support toll-free phone numbers and phone numbers associated with rate centers in very select geographic regions.

If you want to validate the portability of specific phone numbers, please contact our porting team by following the instructions at the bottom of the page. Be sure to include the specific phone numbers you’d like to validate in your request.

To port a phone number to UniFi Talk:

Notes: If you’re porting a phone number from Twilio, see our expedited porting process for Twilio in the following section.

  1. In the Talk application, navigate to Settings > Porting.
  2. Click the Port from Another Carrier button.
  3. Read the instructions on the pop-up window carefully. In the following steps, you’ll be asked to upload your latest monthly bill which includes the phone number from your current carrier. Click Continue.
    1. Note: We recommend that you have a statement on hand before initiating the process. If your provider does not provide you with a bill, please provide a receipt of phone number purchase and/or a screenshot of your account portal with the phone numbers included.
  4. Complete the number porting request form and click Next.
  5. Review the pop-up window: The number porting process is regulated across all carriers and requires a signed Letter of Authorization (LOA). From here, you will be transferred to DocuSign to review and sign your LOA. Click Continue.
  6. In DocuSign, upload your latest monthly bill and sign the LOA.


  7. In DocuSign, click the Finish button. You’ll be transferred back to the Talk application where a confirmation pop-up window will be displayed.


  8. In most cases, you’re all set at this point. Our porting team will process your request and work with the involved carriers to complete the transfer of your phone number to UniFi Talk.
    • Our team will contact you at the email provided in the number porting request form once we’ve reviewed and submitted your request to the involved carriers. We’ll also provide regular email updates over the course of the number porting process.
    • In some cases, we need additional information or documentation to complete your request. If necessary, our team will contact you over email with instructions on how to obtain it.

Since number porting is a highly regulated process involving multiple parties, it can take between two to four weeks from when we receive the required documentation to the completion of the process. The amount of time to process a number porting request also varies depending on the carriers involved and when a request is received, since they are processed in batches.

To port a phone number from Twilio to UniFi Talk:

  1. In the Talk application, navigate to Settings > Porting.
  2. Click Port from Twilio.
  3. Read the instructions on the pop-up window carefully. You’ll now need to submit a support request to Twilio from within your Twilio account with the following four pieces of information:
    • phone number to transfer
    • your Twilio account SID
    • your UniFi Talk account SID (found in the pop-up window in the Talk application)
    • timing (we recommend as soon as possible)
  4. After you’ve submitted a support request to Twilio, enter the phone number to transfer in the Phone Number to Port field in Talk’s pop-up window and click Next.
  5. Your number porting request is now being processed. Twilio may reach out via email for your approval to transfer the phone number.
    1. Note: Step 3 above requires you to submit a support request to Twilio from within your Twilio account. If you do not complete this step, we will not receive your request for approval. Please ensure that you contact Twilio with the required four pieces of information before completing the number porting request form in the Talk application. Number porting requests from Twilio can take up to 3 business days to complete.

To manage your pending number porting requests:

Your number porting requests will be listed in the Talk application within Settings > Porting. From here, you can cancel a pending request before the transfer completes.

To activate a phone number after porting is complete:

Once your number porting request is complete you’ll receive an email notification from our porting team and the phone number will appear as ready for activation on the Porting page. When you activate your transferred phone number, it will be added to your existing Talk subscription. If you don't currently have one, you'll be prompted to subscribe.

Porting a phone number away from UniFi Talk

You can port numbers away from UniFi Talk by initiating a porting request with the gaining carrier. If you need help finding information requested by the gaining carrier, such as a PIN, please contact our porting team.

Need more help with your number porting request?

If you need help regarding number porting requests, please reach out to our porting team by submitting a support request.

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