UniFi Protect - Supported Camera Limits

UniFi Protect simplifies camera management by estimating the maximum recommended number of cameras that your UniFi Console can support. Additionally, UniFi has easy solutions if you happen to exceed your Console's limits.

Camera Capacity Overview

UniFi Protect’s dashboard shows you an estimate of how many cameras your UniFi Console can effectively manage. 

UniFi Protect will notify you when you are exceeding the recommended limit. While these are not hard limits, they were designed to ensure your system is capable of providing quality video playback, fast loading times, and most importantly, not missing out on any recordings.

Exceeding Camera Capacity

You might be approaching or exceeding camera capacity due to a number of factors:

  • Active user volume within UniFi Protect
  • A high number of Viewports in use
  • Storage Disk Health

If you exceed camera capacity, consider upgrading your hardware by adding the UniFi Network Video Recorder (UNVR) or UNVR Pro. The UNVR Pro has the highest camera capacity of our UniFi Consoles and offers scalability for any enterprise environment thanks to its stacking feature which allows you to chain together multiple UNVR Pros. See Backups and Migration to learn more.

UniFi’s Resource Calculator can give you a better understanding of which UniFi Console will suit your needs, or use the table below as a general guide:

Camera capacity has been increased for all consoles as of UniFi Protect v4.0:

UniFi Console Model HD 2K 4K
UDR 5 2 1
UDM-PRO 24 14 8
UDM-PRO-MAX 50 25 15
UDM-SE 24 14 8
UDW 12 7 4
UCG-MAX 15 8 5
UCK-G2-PLUS* 24 14 8
UNVR 60 30 18
2 x UNVR (Stacked) 120 60 36
UNVR-PRO 70 35 24
2 x UNVR-PRO (Stacked) 140 70 48

*Assumes the UCK-G2-PLUS is dedicated to UniFi Protect only. If it’s also running UniFi Network, your maximum camera limit will be lower.

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