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UniFi Access - Manage visitors

Visitors are users with temporary access rights who can use their NFC card to access your locations according to a specific access schedule.

Add a visitor

You can add new visitors via the Visitors > Add Visitor menu.


When adding a new visitor, you can specify their first and last name, the doors you want them to use and the reason of the visit.

To assign an NFC card to the new visitor, select a card from the list and click Add Card.

If the NFC card has already been assigned, you'll be asked to Transfer it to the new visitor.

You can also fill in additional information about the visitor by clicking Show More Information.


Click Next to set up an access schedule for the visitor and select the type of the visit - one time or periodic, then finish the process by clicking Add.


Edit visitors

You can edit visitor information via the Visitors > Edit menu.


Visitor status

When viewing and managing visitors, you'll see the Status field that indicates the current stage of the visit.

There are 6 possible visitor statuses:

  • Upcoming: The time of the visit is still in the future.
  • Active: The time of the visit has come, the visitor has not arrived yet (has not used their NFC card).
  • Arrived: The visitor has arrived (has used their NFC card).
  • Complete: The time of the visit is over and the visitor has completed their visit.
  • No Show: The time of the visit is over and the visitor has not arrived.
  • Cancelled: The visit has been cancelled.


UniFi Access will automatically change visitor's status between Upcoming > Active > Arrived > Complete as the time of the visit comes and the visitor uses their NFC card or between Upcoming > No Show if the visitor doesn't appear.

You can also use Mark As and Cancel Visit to manually change visitor's status.

Note that only Active and Arrived visitors can use the NFC card to access doors.

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