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UniFi Access - Manage NFC cards

Learn how to add, manage and delete NFC cards using the UniFi Access Controller and the UA-Pro.

Register a new NFC card

You can add new NFC cards to your UniFi Access setup in two different ways: using the UniFi Access Controller or using the UA-Pro card management interface.

Add a card using the Access Controller

1. Visit the Users > NFC Cards section in the UniFi Access Controller

Click Add Card to add a new NFC card.


2. Click Select to choose a UA-Pro or UA-Lite that you want to use


3. Tap the NFC on the UA device and hold it for 5 seconds until it's detected

If you want to register multiple NFC cards at once, repeat this process for each card before proceeding to the next step.



4. Assign the newly scanned cards to users

You can assign the cards to existing users or create new user accounts, then click Assign Cards to finish.


Add a card using the UA-Pro

1. Tap and hold the Settings button on the UA-Pro to enter Admin Mode and sign in



2. Tap on the NFC Card Register to enter the card management screen


4. Tap Register or Replace to assign a new NFC card to an existing user

Tap the NFC card on the UA-Pro screen and wait until it's detected, then confirm the registration with Assign

If you need to register more NFC cards, tap Add Another.

Note that you can't create new users via the UA-Pro interface and can only assign cards to existing users



Manage NFC cards

You can manage existing NFC cards via the Users menu of the UniFi Access Controller.

Visit Users > NFC Cards to view and adjust card details and Users > User to reassign cards to different users.

You can also register NFC cards for users via the Add New User menu and the User Details pane, as well as via the User Details page in the UniFi OS.



Restrict users to UA-Cards and disable third party NFC cards

To restrict users to UA-Cards go to Settings > Preferences and enable Advanced Security - Only Allow UA-Card.


When this setting is turned on, previously registered third-party NFC cards will be disabled and will not be able to open doors.



Delete NFC cards

You can delete unassigned NFC cards by selecting a card via Users > NFC Cards and clicking Delete.

Note that deleted NFC cards can't be recovered and need to be registered again.



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