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UniFi Access - Set up the UniFi Access Controller

Learn how to install, configure and manage the UniFi Access controller software.

Before you begin

Before setting up your UniFi Access Controller and adding devices, make sure that:

Note that only users with Owner, Super Admin or Limited Admin role in UniFi OS hosted on the UDM-Pro will be able to perform the setup.


Set up the UniFi Access Controller

1. Update the UniFi Access application to the latest version

Before starting the setup, make sure your UDM-Pro is running the latest version of UniFi Access.

To do this, go to Settings > Applications, click Check for Update and click Update if there is a new version.


2. Watch the Install Guide and agree to Privacy Policy and EULA

After watching the Install Guide and agreeing to policies, click Start to begin the process.


3. Set up your Access devices

If your devices are wired correctly and powered on, you should see them on this page.

Different devices have different indicators of being ready for setup:

  • The UA-Lite will show a white LED indicator
  • The UA-Pro screen will show a "UA-Pro has not been set up" message

You can enter a custom Floor and Main Door name, as well as set up the Enter/Exit methods.

If needed, you can click Locate to physically locate the device using a sound signal.


If you don't see any UniFi Access elements here, try rebooting the devices and clicking Try Again to re-scan.

Alternatively, you can Skip this section if you want to set up your devices later - this will also skip the NFC card registration process.

4. Register your Admin Access Card

Select the Access Reader (UA-PRO or UA-LITE) to use for the NFC card registration from the dropdown.

Place the card near the UA-Pro or UA-LITE - the system will read the card and display its number. This will be your Admin Access Card.


To register another Access Card, click on "Register Access Cards for More People".


Repeat the process of placing the unregistered NFC card near the same Access Reader.

You can assign newly registered cards to an existing user or create a new one.


5. Create the Access Schedule

This schedule controls the time frames when the doors can be opened by UniFi Access.

The default access schedule is 24/7, but you can modify it as needed.


6. Review and confirm your new configuration

If everything looks good, click Finish to complete setup.

Once the setup is complete, you will have access to the UniFi Access Controller.



7. Modify the access schedule policies

After the UniFi Access Controller is set up and available, you might want to adjust the policies and schedules right away to ensure the NFC card has the right access immediately after the registration.

For an in-depth guide on modifying access schedule policies, see UniFi Access - Manage access schedules and policies.


Update the UniFi Access Controller

To update the UniFi Access Controller:

  1. Go to Settings > Applications on the UniFi OS
  2. Click the "Check for Update" to see if there's a new version available
  3. Click Update

Once the update is finished, you can see the controller version on the UniFi OS Dashboard tab.



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