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UniFi Video is an obsolete product line.

This application and its related devices will no longer receive any manner of technical support, including functional and security updates. Additionally, there will be no further updates to Help Center content pertaining to UniFi Video.

UniFi Access - Set up the UniFi Access Controller

 This article will describe how to install, configure, and manage your UniFi Access controller software.

Before you begin

Before setting up your UniFi Access Controller and adding devices, make sure that:

  • You have a running UniFi Dream Machine (UDM-Pro). To set up a new UDM-Pro, follow the Quick Start Guide or see UniFi - UDM: How to Set Up a Dream Machine
  • Your UniFi Access devices are installed and wired together. For an in-depth guide on wiring devices, see UniFi Access - Getting Started.
  • Your UDM-Pro has the UniFi Access application installed. If you don't see it on the UniFi OS device screen, install it by going to Settings > Applications.
  • You possess an Owner, Super Admin, or Limited Admin role in the UniFi OS hosted on your UMD-Pro. The UA setup process requires the registration of an Admin NFC card, which can only be performed by a user with one of these three roles.


Set up the UniFi Access Controller

  1. Ensure that your UniFi Access application is up to date:
    1. Click the cog icon at the bottom of the left navigation bar of your UniFi Network portal to access the UniFi Settings menu.
    2. Click the Applications tab.
    3. Click the Check for Update button within the Access tab, then click Update if there is a new version ready to download.


  1. Press the Start button after watching the Install Guide video and clicking the policy agreement checkbox, to begin the installation process.


  1. Confirm that your Access device(s) are ready for setup by ensuring the following:
    1. All device(s) are wired correctly and powered on.
    2. All device(s) appear on the Select Elements to Add screen.
    3. Each device indicates that it's ready for setup.

Note that the UA-Lite will show a white LED indicator light. The UA-Pro's screen will read, "UA-Pro has been set up."


  • If your device(s) are not visible, reboot them and click Try Again to re-scan.
  • If your device(s) are visible but cannot be located, click the Locate link in the device's respective tab to locate it using a sound signal.
  • If your device(s) are visible but you would like to set them up later, click the Skip
  • button

Note that skipping this section will also skip the Admin NFC card registration process.

  1. Set up your Access devices:
    1. Type the desired door and floor name for your UA-Hub device in the respective fields of the device's tab.
    2. Select the desired enter or exit direction of your Access reader device's from their respective Direction drop-down fields.
    3. A hard drive is not currently required. Clips can be stored on the UDM-Pro's local storage. We do plan to release a video capture feature that will require an HDD in the future.
  1. Register your Admin NFC card and additional access cards, if needed:
    1. Select the Access Reader (UA-Pro or UA-Lite) to use for the NFC card registration from the drop-down.
    2. Place the card near the UA-Pro or UA-Lite. Once the reader registers the card and displays its number, the card will become your Admin NFC card.
    3. Register additional access cards:
      1. Click the Register Access Cards for More People link.
      2. Repeat the process outlined in Steps 5.a - 5.b for each additional card.
      3. Once all access cards have been created, proceed to the next step.



  1. Assign newly registered cards to existing users:
    1. Select Existing User from the Assign To drop-down field of the newly registered card.
    2. Type the user's first and last name into the respective fields within the card's row.
    3. Repeat this step's process as needed. Once all existing users have been assigned new cards, proceed to the next step.


  1. Create the Access Schedule by clicking and dragging the blue area. 

Note: this schedule controls the time frames when the doors can be opened by UniFi Access. The default access schedule is 24/7, but you can modify it as needed.


  1. Review and confirm your new configuration:
    1. If everything looks good, click Finish to complete setup.
    2. Once the setup is complete, you will have access to your UniFi Access Controller.



  1. Modify the access schedule policies

After the UniFi Access Controller is set up and available, you might want to adjust the policies and schedules right away to ensure the NFC card has the right access immediately after the registration.

For an in-depth guide on modifying access schedule policies, see UniFi Access - Manage access schedules and policies.

Update the UniFi Access Controller

  1. Go to Settings > Applications on the UniFi OS
  2. Click the "Check for Update" to see if there's a new version available
  3. Click Update

Once the update is finished, you can see the controller version on the UniFi OS Dashboard tab.


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