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UniFi Video is an obsolete product line.

This application and its related devices will no longer receive any manner of technical support, including functional and security updates. Additionally, there will be no further updates to Help Center content pertaining to UniFi Video.

UniFi Protect - Use UniFi Protect

The UniFi Protect Controller manages every aspect of your UniFi Protect deployment, including configuring your cameras and devices, viewing live feeds, setting user roles and permissions, and more.

For a step-by-step guide on setting up the UniFi Protect Controller, see UniFi Protect - Set up UniFi Protect.

Manage cameras and other devices

You can manage your Protect cameras and other devices via the Devices page.

This section lets you adopt new cameras, as well as configure and manage existing devices.

For more information about the different Protect device settings, see UniFi Protect - Manage devices.


View camera streams and download recordings

With Protect camera videos, you can:

  • View real-time camera streams via Live View
  • Examine and download recordings via Timelapse
  • Review individual motion capture events via Events

In addition to using these individual pages, you can also review camera recordings and events for individual cameras using the desired device's Properties panel.

For more information about managing camera video, see UniFi Protect - View camera streams and manage recordings.


Manage motion detection and privacy zones

UniFi Protect lets you configure camera zones to adjust motion detection behavior via Devices > Properties panel > Zones.

There are three different types of camera zone settings you can use, including:

  • Motion Zones, which tell the camera to recognize motion in specific zones and trigger certain actions (e.g., record footage and create motion events for later review).
  • Private Zones, which let you specify which areas of your video feed are recorded.
  • Smart Detection Zones (G4 camera series only), which let you designate areas in your video feed that only detect certain motion types, like a person's movement.

For more information about using camera zones, see UniFi Protect - Manage motion detection and privacy zones.


Use the high frame rate mode

If you have a G4 series camera, you can enable High Frame Rate Mode to capture video footage with a smoother 0.5x playback speed.

To enable High Frame Rate Mode for a G4 series camera:

  1. Select one of the G4 cameras from the Home or Devices pages
  2. Go to Settings > Recording Quality > High Frame Rate Mode and enable it

It will take a few seconds for the camera to adjust to the new settings, during which time it will not record any footage.

Note: that enabling High Frame Rate Mode disables HDR mode and switches the image quality to HD for cameras that support 4K.

For more information on the playback and recording quality, see UniFi Protect - View camera streams and manage recordings.


Use two-way audio on the mobile app

If you use the Protect mobile app, you can transmit two-way camera audio in real-time.

To transmit two-way audio:

  1. Open the Protect mobile app and select the camera you want to use for communication.
  2. Tap the speaker icon to unmute the microphone and speak.
  3. Tap the speaker icon again to disable the mic.


Customize alerts and notifications

UniFi Protect lets you configure push and email notifications via Settings > My Alerts.

You can enable notifications for the following events:

  • Devices connections and disconnections
  • New update availability
  • Motion detections
  • Smart Zone detections
  • Location-based activity alerts

Additionally, you can customize notification frequency. Options include:

  • Always
  • Never
  • When I am away
  • When all users are away
  • Custom schedule 

Note that location-based notifications require activity alerts to be enabled via Settings > My Alerts >Enable Activity Alerts, and the controller location to be specified.

For more information about location-based activity alerts, see UniFi Protect - Manage location-based activity alerts.


Update the UniFi Protect Controller

To update the Protect controller:

  1. Access the UniFi OS settings via and go to Settings > Updates.
  2. Click Check for Update and click Update if there is a new version available.


Back up and restore UniFi Protect data

You can manage UniFi Protect backups via Settings > General > BackupsThe backups contain the following data:

  • Your Protect system configuration settings
  • User-related settings (such as alerts)
  • Settings for all adopted Protect devices
  • Live View layouts

Note: The backups do not contain the recorded footage data.

To download or restore a daily backup, if daily backups have been enabled:

  1. Go to Settings > General in your Protect Controller. Under Backups select View All Backups.
  2. Locate and download the backup you need, or select Restore.

To create a new backup:

  1. Go to Settings > General in your Protect Controller. Under Backups, select Create Backup of Current System.
  2. Select View All Backups
  3. Locate and download the backup you need, or select Restore.

To import a previously downloaded backup file:

  1. Go to Settings > General in your Protect Controller. Under Backups, select Import Backup File.
  2. Select the file and upload it.
  3. View and restore the uploaded file under View All Backups.


Frequently asked questions

What is the password for individual Protect cameras?

By default, UniFi Protect configures strong camera passwords for individual cameras. If you need to access the cameras via your Protect Controller's Web UI (, you can view and edit the password via Camera settings > Advanced > Reveal.


How can I get more storage by adjusting settings?

You can increase your storage space by decreasing stored image quality via the camera settings in your Protect Web UI or mobile app. You can also disable all camera microphones to further increase storage space.


How do I offload the video data to not lose it when resetting the device?

Currently, there is no official way to offload this data.

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