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UniFi Access - Manage access schedules and policies

In UniFi Access, you can manage the way users access doors via:

  • access schedules, which are time frames that control door access
  • access policies, which apply access schedules to different types of users and doors

During UniFi Access setup, two default access policies are created:

  • Default Admin Policy
    • User - The owner of the workspace
    • Doors - All doors in the system
    • Schedule - Always accessible (24/7/365)
  • Default UDM-Pro Policy
    • User - The top-level user group
    • Doors - All doors in the system
    • Schedule - A custom "UDM-Pro" schedule

You can adjust the default policies and schedules or make your own configurations by creating Holiday Groups, Schedules and Policies.

Create an access schedule

You can create new access schedules via Policies > Schedules > Create Schedule.


The default schedule is 9:00 to 17:00 and you can drag the time bars to adjust the time period.

You can add holiday exceptions by assigning a Holiday Group to your schedule - see the next section for more information on holiday groups.


Create a holiday group

Holiday groups allow you to add holiday exceptions to door access schedules.

You can create new holiday groups via Policies > Holiday Groups > Add Holiday Group.


When creating a holiday group, you can specify the name and the calendar type to automatically import holidays from predefined calendars.

You can also add custom holidays by clicking Add Holiday and selecting the date.

Create an access policy

Access policies allow you to assign specific access schedules to specific doors and user groups.

You can create a new access policy via Policies > Policies > Add Policy.


When creating a new policy, you can specify its name, select the doors and user groups you want it to apply to and assign an access schedule to it.


Modify access schedules, policies and holiday groups

You can manage existing access schedules, policies and holiday groups via the Policies section.


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