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UniFi Access is a door access control system powered by native PoE technology that supports conventional electric bolts/strikes, magnetic locks and 12V access accessories, such as motion sensors, push buttons and alarms.

It requires minimal installation effort and offers the convenience of the UniFi Access Controller, which allows you to easily manage users, visitors, schedules, and access policies.

UniFi Access overview

The UniFi Access system consists of four elements:

  • The UniFi Access Controller is the control center of the UniFi Access system, with features that enable personnel management, space management, access control, device management, and easy upgrade.
  • UA-Hub is a Secure I/O hub that authenticates the inputs from the UniFi Access Readers, push buttons, door position sensor and motion sensor. It also controls the door locks, alarms and auto door opener (motors).
  • UA-Pro is a UniFi Access Reader with screen. Currently it supports unlocking doors by NFC card and will support the following in the future: pin code unlocking, intercom, and mobile app unlocking.
  • UA-Lite is a UniFi Access Reader. It currently supports unlocking doors by NFC card and Wave mode and will support Mobile Access in the future.
  • The UA-Card is the UniFi NFC card, but the UniFi Access system supports any NFC card.

Currently, UniFi Access supports NFC and Wave mode.

  • NFC: Physical cards are supported. Mobile phones with NFC feature enabled and analog cards for electronic bracelets are supported. After swiping the card, if there is successful identity verification, the door will be triggered to open.
  • Wave: Wave mode uses a distance sensor to unlock the door; for example moving a hand near the UA-Lite to trigger the door to open. Wave mode does not support identity verification. It is recommended to install inside the door and be used as a hands-free door opening button.


Setup requirements & considerations

  • UniFi Access devices are found under the same network segment through LAN in UniFi OS Access. Therefore please make sure that the UA-Hub, UA-Pro, UA-Lite, and UniFi Access controller host are all on the same network segment.
  • There is no screen on the UA-Hub and UA-Lite. A white LED light indicates the device is ready to be configured. A blue LED light indicates the device is configured.
  • The UA-Pro does have a screen. When it has not been configured yet, the screen will show a “UA-PRO XXX has not been set up” message.
  • The UA-Pro and UA-Lite must be plugged into the UA-Hub before beginning launching the setup wizard. Then the Access Controller will automatically detect all three of them and guide you to set up the UA-Hub first.
  • Since the UniFi Access setup process includes registering the Admin NFC card, it can only be performed by someone that holds the Owner, Super Admin or Limited Admin roles in the UniFi OS hosted in the UDM-Pro. 

Hardware Requirements

  • UDM-Pro
  • UA-Hub, UA-Pro, and UA-Lite
  • Network cables which support PoE (network cable of Cat5E quality or higher)
  • 18-22AWG cable. Two tested recommendations are:

Wiring the UniFi Access devices

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NOTE: The UA-Hub supports 12V at 1A. For any installation with a 24V lock, please use an external power supply and take a look at the instructions for how to connect with an external power supply.

1. Connect the applicable elements of your deployment with the correct port in the hub, according to the instructions provided in the UA-Hub Wiring section of the Quick Start Guide. Not all the connections mentioned are necessary. Only follow the instructions for the connection type needed in your specific deployment.

2. UA-Hub Power Supply Networking

Ensure the switch port for the UA-Hub is configured for the same network segment or VLAN as the UniFi OS Access controller and that it supports POE+, POE++.

3. Connect the UA-Pro and UA-Lite to the UA-Hub port with the matching icon as shown in the diagram above.

Setting up the UniFi Access controller and adding devices

NOTES: If you do not receive a discovery notification from UniFi Access devices during the setup process (and you have confirmed that your role is Owner, Super Admin or Limited Admin and the email is correct), you can complete the setup of the Controller and then go to the controller's Element screen and click "Add Element". If they still don't appear, please power off and restart the device to trigger discovery.

1. Before you begin setting up your controller and adding devices wire your devices together

2. UniFi OS must be running on a UDM-Pro. So if starting with a new UDM-Pro, complete the UDM-Pro setup first by navigating to https://setup.ui.com (Chrome is the recommended browser) and following the Setup Wizard. You can use the UDM-Pro's QSG as a guide or use our UniFi - UDM: How to Set Up a Dream Machine article.

3. Once the UDM-Pro has finished setting up, the UniFi Access app should be automatically installed and ready to begin setup. If it's not, then within UniFi OS go to Settings > Applications to install it.settings.applications.png

4. Once installed, go back to the UniFi OS dashboard and click on the Access icon to launch the Setup Wizard and follow the steps on your screen.

launch-wizard.png 5. During the Setup Wizard you will add your devices (elements) and register the Admin card. You can optionally register more cards during this setup as well if you wish or do that later.

6. Once the UniFi Access setup is complete you might want to adjust some policies and schedules right away to ensure the NFC cards you just registered have correct access policies right away.

Under the Policies > Schedules you can edit the UDMPRO Schedule. Note that the 'Always Access' default schedule cannot be edited.

Under the Policies > Policies section you can edit the two default policies: Default Admin Policy and Default UDMPRO Policy.

Frequently asked questions

What is a relay?

They are the types of input and outputs of the UA-Hub:

  • input relays include REL, REX, REN and DPS
  • output relays include Lock relay and AUX relay

You can see more information on relays in the UniFi Access Data Sheet and Quick Start Guide.


What’s the difference between powered relay and dry relay?

The UA-Hub's power relay supports 12V. You can use dry relay as well if you want to use external power supply to their lock.

Can I connect the UA-Pro and UA-Lite directly to a PoE switch instead of the UA-Hub?

No. The communication between the access readers and the hub is proprietary communication and we have special security in place. So for security reasons, we do not allow the UA-Pro or UA-Lite to work if they are connected directly to a UniFi Switch.

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