UNMS - CRM: Refunds


This guide provides information about refunds available in the UNMS CRM Module.

Table of Contents

  1. Refunds in CRM
  2. Refunds to the Original Payment Method
ATTENTION: It is important to distinguish between refunds done only in the CRM module, which do not return the money to your Client’s credit card / bank account, and refunds that do both: they lower the client’s credit in CRM, and also return the money to the client’s credit card or bank account.

Refunds in CRM

Navigate to this section by going to <yourdomain>/crm/billing/refunds.


Refunds done under CRM → Payments → Refunds or in the client’s detail section (using the “+ Refund” button) only reflect the return of the payment in CRM and do not return the money to your client’s bank account or credit card. The CRM refund will only lower the clients’ credit and therefore, the money must be returned by the admin (either in cash, or by returning the amount in the payment gateway's dashboard (Stripe, AuthorizeNet, IPPay, etc).

It is only possible to complete the refund if the client has credit available. Admins can issue a refund up to the client’s credit amount.


Refunds to the Original Payment Method

Since UNMS v1.2. it is possible to issue a Stripe payment refund directly in CRM. This refund will lower the client’s credit and also return the money to the Client’s credit card or bank account.

ATTENTION: Please note that this option is available for Stripe and UPG payments only.

1. A refund of a concrete CC payment to original payment method can be issued in a concrete Payment detail (CRM > Payments > Select Payment).


2. Then confirm to complete the refund.


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