airMAX - GigaBeam: Installing and Aligning

When installing and aligning GigaBeam (GBE) radios in a PTP application, the goal should be to get the best 60GHz signal(RSSI) and capacity. GigaBeam radios feature 'beamforming' that allows the radio to adjust both the TX and RX antennas used, effectively directing the RF signal, while improving link performance. The beamforming utility (under Tools) should be used as a general indicator.  

Steps to follow when first installing GBE radios:

  1. Install both ends of the link until they directly face each other and radios connect.
  2. Change vertical and horizontal angles in small steps until you peak the RX signal on the remote side.
  3. Continue the above step for the best signal and highest capacity.
  4. The goal is to identify the highest 60G RSSI and capacity seen while adjusting angles and setting it to that.
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