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UISP - Details when Configuring Gmail SMTP


This article includes some important settings and details when using a Gmail account for the configuration of the SMTP server in UISP. In order to receive email alerts from UISP, the SMTP server has to be configured. 

SMTP settings

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  • We recommend enabling the 2-Step-Verification and generating an App password, which will be then used in the password field. 
  • If the Organization email is different from the Sender address in mailer settings, the outgoing emails may be limited or rejected on some SMTP servers. Note that the Organization email address is used in the email header attribute From (this will make the email look as if it came from that Organization's email address).
  • If the Organization email is different from the Sender address in mailer settings (which is typical for personal SMTP account email), it may cause the sending will fail on some SMTP servers.
  • Gmail SMTP server can use a different address or alias (other than the username of that particular Gmail account) but it is necessary to configure that address in the user's Gmail settings. See the Send emails from a different address or alias help article to learn more. Otherwise, the header attribute From will be replaced by the account user's username.
  • Personal Gmail accounts can send a maximum of 500 emails in a day and G Suite accounts can send a maximum of 2000 emails in a day. We recommend setting the Throttler configuration to accommodate these limits.

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