Getting Support Files and Logs

It may be necessary to provide support files to the UI Support Team when troubleshooting issues. These contain detailed logs and information about what is happening on your UniFi system. Although sensitive information is generally removed, we do not recommend sharing these publicly.

UniFi OS

Download this file if you have a UniFi Console, such as a Dream Machine or Cloud Key+. In UniFi Site Manager, select UniFi OS. Navigate to Console Settings, scroll to Support File and select Download.

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Self-Hosted UniFi Network Server

Download this file if you have a self-hosted UniFi Network application running on a computer or server. In UniFi Network, navigate to Settings > System > Advanced > Download Network Support File. You may alternatively use the search bar found on the left-side menu in UniFi Network > Settings.


Enabling Remote Device Logging

Remote device logs provide more detailed information that can be useful to UI's team of Support Engineers. If you are asked to enable remote logging, you can do this by navigating to UniFi Network > Settings > System > Support > Remote Logging Location > Select Network Application. This ensures that the remote logs will be included with the generated support file.

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