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This is an article about the Ubiquiti Payment Gateway (UPG), providing information about its settings, benefits, and features.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Ubiquiti Payment Gateway is currently available for US UISP Cloud application users. 

Table of Contents

  1. Ubiquiti Payment Gateway Benefits
  2. How to Set Up the Ubiquiti Payment Gateway
  3. Auto-Payments and Fine Tuning

Ubiquiti Payment Gateway Benefits

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The Ubiquiti Payment Gateway (UPG) for UISP's CRM module enables ISPs to set up online payments with ease, no difficult registration or configuration needed. Creating a third party online payment gateway account and linking it with UISP is no longer necessary. UPG facilitates this within a few clicks, and on top of that, the UPG offers an industry-leading processing fee of 1.9%+30c per transaction. Set UPG up, no contract needed, no hidden fees, and your clients can start paying online or setting credit card auto-payments for their services right away.

How to Set Up the Ubiquiti Payment Gateway

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The UPG is very simple to use. There is no need to set up accounts with other payment gateways, use a separate site to manage your subscriptions, or manually link third party payment gateways to UISP. Simply activate the UPG with a few clicks following this procedure:

1. Launch the UISP application and go to Organization settings in CRM > Settings > Organization. Check that the country is set to the USA and currency to USD.

2. Select the UPG section in the Organization settings and click the "Learn more" button.


3. Now review the UPG details, Terms & Conditions, and start the onboarding wizard. The onboarding process gathers the necessary information about your company: most importantly your bank account or credit card, which will be used for regular payouts (payments from clients processed by the UPG will be sent to the set bank account regularly).


ATTENTION: Please note that it is important to use the same UI Account credentials for creating the UISP Cloud application and setting up the UPG.

Please note that the UPG account is tied to the UI Account and therefore when deleting a UISP application and installing a new one, the UPG account will still be present.


4. And that’s it! Once the onboarding wizard is completed successfully, your clients can immediately begin to pay with a credit card and you will be able to see the payments in CRM and the payouts in the UPG dashboard.

Auto-Payments and Fine Tuning

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After set up, you can do some additional configuration to make the user experience even better.

Set Up Auto-Payments 

Enabling clients to pay online with their credit card is fine, but you can enable Autopay so that the credit card info can be set just once and all further payments will be charged automatically based on recurring invoices. Since UISP v1.2.x the Autopay feature is available for UPG (and also for Stripe).

Activate it in the Billing settings, under Invoicing:


Autopay can be set to trigger on the invoice creation date or on the invoice due date. That’s it. Now each client or a UISP administrator can link the clients' credit card information to their CRM account to be used for all future auto-payments. Additionally, the saved credit card will remain available in the client's account and can be used by them for any manual exceptional charges as well. We believe that with this feature admins and customers have to no longer worry about payments and amounts as everything is handled automatically by the Autopay feature (for example, when the price for the service increases, the invoices will still be paid automatically using the Autopay feature). The Autopay works based on saved Credit cards and of course, there can be set a monthly limit. 

Create a Statement Descriptor

Go to the Organization settings, within the Ubiquiti Payment Gateway section and provide a "Statement descriptor". This name will appear in the client's bank or credit card statement, making it easier for them to identify changes made by your company.



Use Other Payment Gateways Simultaneously

Although we recommend using UPG to maximize your profit and improve user experience, you can still use other gateways simultaneously. This might be helpful when you are already using another gateway for Payment Subscriptions and you want to migrate to the UPG with Auto-Payments step by step.
For setting up other payment gateways, please use the step-by-step in-app guides accessible at <yourdomain>/crm/help/online-payment-gateways. 

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