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UniFi - SSID Options

Starting with UniFi Network Controller version 5.13.X+, there are SSID options that can be enabled or disabled under (Classic) Settings > Wireless Networks > Edit SSID. See their description below.


Recommended SSID options to have enabled:

  • Beacon Country: Enables broadcasting of the country that the UAPs are configured for.
  • BSS Transition: When a device has a weak signal, UAP will send roaming “BSS transition” frame instead of disconnection frame to client.
  • Proxy ARP: Reduces airtime by having UAPs proxy common broadcast frames as unicast. Proxy ARP is only supported on UAP beta firmwares 5.x and above; enabling it will not impact current stable firmwares.

Advanced SSID options, recommended to keep disabled:

  • L2 Isolation: We recommend to keep disabled except for guest networks. This setting isolates wireless clients from communicating with each other on the same UAP. Varies slightly from guest policies, which only isolated clients on the same radio.
  • TDLS Prohibit: Blocks Tunneled Link Direct Setup (TDLS) connections.
  • Point to Point
  • P2P Cross Connect
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