UniFi - USW Leaf: How to Use Bluetooth Pre-Configuration

2023-05-14 02:48:24 UTC


This article explains how to use the Bluetooth pre-configuration feature on the UniFi Switch Leaf. Bluetooth pre-configuration is helpful in setting up a management port and performing some basic VLAN and IP configurations using the UniFi mobile app.

  • The pre-configuration feature discussed in this article cannot substitute a full configuration via CLI, and it is suitable for configuration of only one management port.
  • The USW-Leaf is currently available in the Early Access store and discussed in the beta forum of the Community. To view these, please make sure you have Early Access enabled and you are logged in.

Table of Contents

  1. Steps: How to Perform Bluetooth Pre-Configuration
  2. Troubleshooting: Bluetooth Pre-Configuration Mode is Disabled
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Steps: How to Perform Bluetooth Pre-Configuration

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1. Download and install the UniFi Network mobile app from Google's Play Store or Apple's App Store. Currently, this feature is still in beta. Please see this article to learn how to get access to the beta forums, where beta versions of the app can be found.

2. This configuration will only work for a new (or newly reset) switch. So if the device has already been configured in the past, begin by resetting it to factory defaults, by pressing the reset button for 10 seconds. Wait until the device is booted. If this is a new device you may skip this step and continue to step 3.

3. Use the cable included in the USW Leaf box (or any other SFP28/QSFP28 cable or pair of fiber modules) to connect the switch's port you have selected as the management port to your network

4. Launch the UniFi Network mobile app. Tap “Add UniFi OS Console“ and wait until the devices list appears. Find the correct UniFi Switch Leaf Switch Leaf in the list by swiping. When using the iOS mobile app, after selecting the device, the switch's LCM will show the locating screen (Ubiquiti logo in a circle on a black background). Tap “Set up this UniFi OS Console“. Wait until the device is connected.


NOTE: MAC address of the Bluetooth is the same as the switch's MAC address.

5. Select the management port connected in step 3 from the devices list.


6. Set the management VLAN ID and check the “Tagged“ option if necessary. If you want to use defaults, you may leave the preconfigured options. Tap “Next“.


7. Set up the Management IP Address. If you want to use an automatic IP configuration, select “DHCP”. If you want to set an IP configuration manually, select “Static IP“. In that case, “IP Address“ and “Network Mask“ are mandatory fields, “Gateway“ and “DNS“ are optional. Please make sure that the “IP address“ and “Gateway“ (if set) are on the same network. Tap “Next“.


8. If you prefer to use the default UniFi Network configuration, select “Adopt later“. To configure the application address right away, select “Manually Enter“ and type the Network application's IP address or DNS name.

9. Tap "Finish".

10. After saving the configuration, it will be applied to the switch. If everything was configured correctly, you will now be able to log in to the switch via SSH or adopt it via the application. If there was a validation error, a message will appear as the one shown below for example.

User Tip:To reconfigure the switch after the configuration was sent and applied, reset the switch to factory defaults by pressing and holding the reset button for 10 seconds. Once the switch has rebooted, begin the configuration process described above to apply the new configuration.

Error Message


Successful Configuration


Troubleshooting: Bluetooth Pre-Configuration Mode is Disabled

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For security reasons, the Bluetooth pre-configuration mode is only available to a defaulted UniFi Switch Leaf (after a reset to factory defaults) and before it has been configured by other methods. Meaning, the Bluetooth access described in this article will be disabled automatically after any one of these actions takes place:

  • SSH login to switch
  • Console login to switch
  • Adoption by a UniFi Network application

To enable it again, the UniFi Switch Leaf must be reset via the reset button (pressing for 10 seconds) or by running in Linux shell the following:

# factory-reset.sh

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