UniFi - USP Plug Recovery Mode


This article describes how to enter recovery mode on the UniFi Smart Power Plug (USP-Plug-US). Recovery mode is used to recover application firmware as a last resort.

How to Enter Recovery Mode

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1. Power-off the USP-Plug by unplugging it, then plug it back into the power outlet while keeping the power button pressed down for 10 seconds during boot-up.

2. Once the plug enters recovery mode, the LED pattern will be two short blinks followed by one long blink.

3. With your computer, find the wireless network called "USP1-RECOVERY" and connect to it.

4. Open a browser and navigate to by typing it into the browser bar, accessing the recovery mode user interface. 

5. Upload the latest firmware, downloadable from the Downloads page.

6. Wait for the firmware upgrade to finish and plug to go to its default state.

UniFi Smart Power Plug
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