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Frequenty Asked Questions

Is there a maximum number of ULEDs a UDIM dimmer switch can control? How does this work?

Our (suggested) maximum numbers of LED panels per dimmer switch is 64. You can assign LED panels to dimmer switches using the UniFi LED app or LED application (web).

Is the UDIM dimmer compatible with third party light fixtures like LED tubes, bulbs, strips, etc?

No, UDIM is only compatible with UniFi LED panels.

What is the difference between the UniFi LED-AT Dimmer switch and UniFi LED-AC Dimmer switch?

The ULED-AT model uses ethernet cable (PoE) to acquire power and connect back to the network. UDIM-AC uses typical 100-277 VAC for power and uses WiFi to connect back to the network. Which one is the right fit will depend on each deployment. If it’s a smaller or a retrofit environment, UDIM-AC may be a good fit. If it’s a new project or large installation, UDIM-AT will probably be more appropriate.

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