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UISP - Cloud Troubleshooting


This article lists the most common issues encountered by users when using the free UISP Cloud accompanied by the recommended steps to solve them.

User Tips: Check the Ubiquiti System Status page to determine if there is an outage or if the UISP Cloud service is running.

Table of Contents

  1. Forgotten Password
  2. Single sign-on Authentication failed
  3. The Controller is Missing
  4. The Controller is Stuck in a Restarting Loop
  5. The Controller is Missing Devices

Forgotten Password

It is important to distinguish between the password of the UISP Cloud instance (<your hostname>/uisp.com) and the UISP Cloud Access Portal (uisp.com). The Access portal is where the Cloud instance is managed and it uses the Ubiquiti SSO credentials (the same credentials which are used to access Ubiquiti community forums).

UISP Cloud instance passwords can be managed by clicking on the Manage UISP users icon located at the bottom of the page.
This will open a popup window with a list of UISP users present in this UISP Cloud instance. 
Select the user that needs a password reset and click on the three-dot menu on the right. An option to reset the password will appear. The same method can be used to disable two-factor authentication (2FA).

Single sign-on Authentication failed

If there is the error message Authentication failed please click on the arrow at the top left to go back to the main login screen and use the Sign in with the local account link. It is possible to change local account credentials through the method described above. 
This error is most likely caused by disabled SSO access for the specific user. When local credentials are used to access UISP, please go to Settings -> Users edit the specific user, and enable the Ubiquiti single sign-on. 

The Controller is Missing

If there is no controller when the UISP Cloud Access Portal is opened and there is no record of any UISP instance, do not worry. We keep data backups for at least a month. Please use the Ubiquiti support request form, provide the hostname of the instance, and the Ubiquiti community username and we will recover the instance to the state before it shut down.

The Controller is Stuck in a Restarting Loop

There may be several causes for this, but there is no reason to worry. Cloud data is backed up on UISP servers for at least a month. Please use the Ubiquiti support request form, provide the hostname of the instance, and the Ubiquiti community username and we will make sure the UISP instance runs again.

The Controller is Missing Devices

There is a minimal number of active devices that need to be connected to each free UISP Cloud instance in order to keep it active. When the limit is not fulfilled, that instance is suspended. If you are seeing this warning, it should be enough to add active devices to make it go away. There is a system of automatic email warnings in place which will notify users before their UISP instance is suspended. If the instance has been suspended and users wish to activate it again, the UISP team will save the data for a few months so users can retrieve them by using the Ubiquiti support request form

After logging in, there is a "UISP is starting" message with a picture of a rocket

This means the UISP instance is having some issues to start. If you see this for a prolonged period of time please contact our support by using the Ubiquiti support request form, and let us know the hostname of the instance. We will analyze and fix the situation.

Any other issue

If there is an issue we did not list here, feel free to contact us by submitting a request. Feel free to attach screenshots (ideally of the whole screen) since they are often useful to give us a clear idea of the situation at hand, and as much description as possible.

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