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UISP - Telemetry and Error Reporting


Description of the telemetry and error reporting functions in the local UISP application.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why are we collecting this data?
  3. How to opt out?
  4. What data is reported?
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The UISP local application collects certain telemetry and error information and reports it to Ubiquiti for the purpose of improving the product and the user experience, as described in more detail under sections “Why are we collecting this data?” and “What data is reported?” below. The telemetry data used in the UISP local application is generated without common device identifiers (e.g.IP/MAC addresses) or personal information (e.g. emails). Standard sanitization filters are applied to the error reports to remove potentially sensitive variables and strings.

Why are we collecting this data?

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The purpose of the reports is to help us better fine-tune and improve UISP application performance for all users so that we can ensure that everyone gets the best possible experience from both Network and CRM modules. With this data, we can measure and optimize improvements and quickly identify and fix any regressions.

How to opt out?

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Telemetry and error reporting for both Network and CRM modules can be disabled in Settings > UISP.

What data is reported?

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Network module

When the telemetry and error reporting is enabled, the following data is sent:

  • UISP random ID, controller version, and uptime.
  • UISP server hardware parameters.
  • UISP settings.
  • Device and system configurations and usage.
  • The number of devices, Sites, Subscribes, and users.
  • The number of active/disconnected devices and outages, sorted by device model and firmware version.

CRM module

When telemetry and error reporting is enabled, the following data is sent:

  • Whether the app keys are used and if so, what is the date of when it was last used?
  • Whether the mobile app is used and if so, what is the date of when it was last used?
  • The number of clients, organizations, invoices, jobs, and tickets. 
  • CRM random ID, version, last login date, device and system configuration, and usage.

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