EdgeSwitch & EdgeSwitch X - Verify SFP/SFP+ Modules


Readers will learn how to verify the statistics of inserted SFP/SFP+ modules on an EdgeSwitch (ES) or EdgeSwitch X (ES-X).

Applicable to the v1.9.0+ firmware on all EdgeSwitch (ES) models and the latest firmware on all EdgeSwitch X (ES-X) models. Please see the Related Articles below for more information.
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Verifying the SFP/SFP+ Modules

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The UFiber Multi-Mode fiber SFP module (UF-MM-1G) will be used to interconnect the EdgeSwitch and the EdgeSwitch X.

The Ubiquiti branded SFP/SFP+ modules and DAC cables are officially supported and compatible with all EdgeSwitch and EdgeSwitch X models:

Fiber SFP modules (1 Gbps)

  • UACC-OM-MM-1G-D-2 (formerly UF-MM-1G)
  • UACC-OM-SM-1G-S (formerly UF-SM-1G-S)

Fiber SFP+ modules (10 Gbps)

  • UACC-OM-MM-10G-D (formerly UF-MM-10G)
  • UACC-OM-SM-10G-D (formerly UF-SM-10G)
  • UACC-OM-SM-10G-S (formerly UF-SM-10G-S)

Copper SFP modules (1 Gbps and 10 Gbps)

  • UACC-CM-RJ45-1G (formerly UF-RJ-45-1G)
  • UACC-CM-RJ45-10G (formerly UF-RJ-45-10G)

DAC cables (10 Gbps)

  • UACC-DAC-SFP10-0.5M (formerly UDC-0.5)
  • UACC-DAC-SFP10-1M (formerly UDC-1)
  • UACC-DAC-SFP10-2M(formerly UDC-2)
  • UACC-DAC-SFP10-3M (formerly UDC-3)

More information about these modules and DAC cables can be found here. There is more information on how to view the statistics of inserted SFP/SFP+ modules in the Verify SFP/SFP+ Modules article.

Follow the steps below to verify the statistics of the inserted module on both devices:

GUI: Access the EdgeSwitch and EdgeSwitch X Web UI.

Navigate to the Dashboard  dashboard.png  tab and hover over the  info.png  icon for the SFP port in the Port summary section.


NOTE:It is also possible to see this information by hovering over the ports in the (horizontal) port row.

The following information is displayed in this section:

  • Traffic Received / Sent Total Rx and Tx traffic seen on this port.
  • Frame errors / drops Total amount of dropped frames or frames with errors.
  • Inserted module SFP/SFP+ manufacturer and model number.
  • Temperature Reported temperature of the SFP/SFP+ module in Celsius (C).
  • RX / TX power The received and sent optical signal level in dBm.
  • Connected device Information on neighboring device if available (MAC address, port ID and manufacturer).

If there is no information displayed in the Inserted module section, then it is possible that the used SFP/SFP+ module is not (fully) compatible with the device. Note that only the usage of Ubiquiti branded SFP/SFP+ modules and DAC cables is officially supported. If a module is detected but the link is down, try forcing the port speed and duplex values on both devices. See the SFP/SFP+ Interface Options article for more information.

On EdgeSwitch (ES) models, it is also possible to view this information using the CLI:

CLI: Access the EdgeSwitch Command Line Interface.

Enter the following commands from privileged mode:

show fiber-ports optics-info all
                         Link Link                                 Nominal
                       Length Length                                   Bit
                         50um 62.5um                                  Rate
Port     Vendor Name      [m] [m]  Serial Number    Part Number     [Mbps] Rev  Compliance
-------- ---------------- --- ---- ---------------- ---------------- ----- ---- ----------------
0/9      UBNT             55  55   FT17010604075    UF-MM-1G          1300      1000SX

show fiber-ports optics all
                                    Output    Input
Port      Temp  Voltage  Current     Power    Power   TX     LOS
           [C]   [Volt]     [mA]     [dBm]    [dBm]   Fault
--------  ----  -------  -------   -------  -------   -----  ---
0/9       35.7    3.258     11.8    -5.981   -6.221   No     No

 The available statistics and information are:

  • Module vendor
  • Module serial number
  • Module part number
  • Module revision
  • Link length (50um)
  • Link length (62.5um)
  • Compliance
  • Nominal bit rate (Mbps)
  • Transceiver temperature
  • Voltage (V)
  • Current (mA)
  • Output Power (dBm)
  • Input Power (dBm)
  • Transmitter fault
  • Loss of signal (LOS)

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