UniFi Video - Backup Options and Best Practices

2023-01-02 06:38:44 UTC


This article describes the different options for backup and some best practices for maintaining an instance of UniFi Video.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Where and How to Make a Backup
  3. How to Import a Backup
  4. FAQ
  5. Related Articles


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In the case of a hardware or software failure, downtime is inevitable. Having a backup of your UniFi Video settings can be the difference between an hour, or potentially days of work in trying to recover. 

Where and How to Make a Backup

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It's best to make a backup:

  • If you don't already have one.
  • Before and after you change any system, user, or camera settings.
  • Before any hardware or operating system (OS) maintenance, or configuration changes.
  • Before updating UniFi Video (or any other host machine software).

You can make a backup in the settings page of UniFi Video. You must be logged in as an Admin or Super Admin in order to access this page.

ATTENTION:Be aware that these are only configuration backups. To backup recordings, please see our article on UniFi Video - Recording Backup Options.

 How to Import a Backup

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A config backup may be imported upon first installation or a reset of UniFi Video. Please see our article on UniFi Video - How to Reset a UniFi Video Installation for Linux / UVC-NVR, or UniFi Video - How to Reset a UniFi Video Installation for Windows, depending on the platform you use.


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What If I can't access the WebUI, or UniFi Video is already down before I have a backup?

There are Daily Auto-Backups that you can find in /usr/lib/unifi-video/backup/autobackup/ for Linux, UVC-NVR, and UAS-XG systems. For Windows systems, check C:\ProgramData\unifi-video\data\backup\autobackup\ for them.

How can I get auto-backups from a remote device?

For Linux, UAS, and UVC-NVR's, you will need the SSH credentials for your device, and will need to use an application that can use FTP/SCP to transfer them to your local machine. Common examples are: WinSCP, FleZilla, or CyberDuck.

What should I do if my UniFi-Video server is inaccessible, or I can't get the backup file off of my device?

If your backups are unretrievable, or unusable, you will need to factory reset your devices. However, if you somehow still have your camera password, and can log in to your cameras, simply install a new UniFi Video instance, and begin setting it up. Select all your cameras, and adopt them using the camera username and password.

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