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UISP - Free Cloud Device Limit


This article provides the details and rules for those wishing to enjoy the FREE UISP Cloud. After careful and thorough consideration, the UISP team was forced to establish a requirement for a minimum number of Ubiquiti devices for each instance of the free UISP Cloud. Find below a little background on why this limit had to be put in place.

If Cloud UISP is not for you, please take a look at our (also free) self-hosted option: UISP - Installation Guide.

Table of Contents

  1. Purpose of the Device Limit
  2. Device Limit
  3. Free UISP Cloud Benefits

Purpose of the Device Limit

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Ubiquiti has always endeavored to offer cost disruptive hardware and create great, free software to reach all types of markets; but this does, of course, come with a price. Each UISP Cloud instance has a cost associated with it and the only sustainable way to offer a free UISP Cloud service is by setting this device limit. We did not come to this decision lightly; and we would have loved to offer free UISP Cloud to all ISPs regardless of size, empowering them to monitor our devices in the best way possible, but we need to operate within a financially sustainable framework. However, we will make sure to keep an eye on these costs and decrease the limit of required devices if possible.

Device Limit

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In order to use the free UISP Cloud, you must connect and maintain:

  • At least 1 active Ubiquiti device within the first 24 hours of using this service.
  • At least 10 active Ubiquiti devices in total after 30 days and onward.
NOTE: Only active Operator Ubiquiti devices count towards this limit. This means that any 3rd party devices, UniFi devices, devices without required up-to-date firmware, and also End-of-Life (EOL) devices do NOT count towards this limit.

In order to continue using this free service, you must keep your devices connected and active, otherwise, they are not counted towards this limit. In case any device is disconnected it will be still counted as active for up to two days. If that device connects within those two days—even for a second and then disconnects again, the timer resets, and the two-day grace period starts again. When the minimum device limit is not met, there will be a notification on the UISP interface and the system will send an email message. If the device limit is not met, then the Cloud controller will be disabled and eventually deleted.

Please note that in such a case, it is possible for others to use the hostname for their own instance. Make sure to reclaim the hostname at the earliest convenience to avoid this situation. The longer the hostname is not used the bigger the chance someone else may pick it up.

Free UISP Cloud Benefits

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With the UISP Cloud users get a custom third-level domain at *.uisp.com, free in-app Google Maps, Free SSL Certificates handled automatically by us, and automatic UISP upgrades. Additionally, there is finally no hardware needed! Everything is automatically deployed, monitored, and maintained by us. 

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