UFiber GPON - Using the UFiber Instant SFP ONU (UF-Instant)

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Readers will learn how to use and explore different use cases for deploying the UFiber Instant SFP ONU (UF-Instant). The UF-Instant is a high-performance GPON CPE in an SFP package that is compatible with various Ubiquiti devices that support SFP/SFP+ ports.

  • Applicable to the latest UFiber firmware releases on the UFiber OLT (UF-OLT) and UFiber OLT-4 (UF-OLT-4) models.
  • The UFiber Instant ONU is supported in the OLT configuration starting from the v4.1.0-beta.3 OLT beta firmware release. 
  • More information on the Ubiquiti Network Management System can be found on the UNMS website.

Table of Contents

  1. Compatible and Supported Ubiquiti Devices
  2. Using the UFiber Instant ONU
  3. Related Articles

Compatible and Supported Ubiquiti Devices

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See the tables below for the devices that the UF-Instant is compatible with and the recommended minimum firmware version for those models.

edgemax.png   Routing & Switching

Model Firmware
ES-10X v1.1.3
ES-10XP v1.1.3
ES-8-150W v1.8.3 / v1.9.0
EP-S16 v1.8.3 / v1.9.0
ES-16-XG v1.8.3 / v1.9.0
ES-16-150W v1.8.3 / v1.9.0
ES-24-250W v1.8.3 / v1.9.0
ES-24-500W v1.8.3 / v1.9.0
ES-24-Lite v1.8.3 / v1.9.0
ES-48-500W v1.8.3 / v1.9.0
ES-48-750W v1.8.3 / v1.9.0
ES-48-Lite v1.8.3 / v1.9.0
Model Firmware
ER-4 v2.0.8-beta.1
ER-X-SFP v2.0.8-beta.1
ER-6P v2.0.8-beta.1
EP-R6 v2.0.8-beta.1
EP-R8 v2.0.8-beta.1
ER-8-XG v2.0.8-beta.1
ERPro-8 v2.0.8-beta.1
ER-12 v2.0.8-beta.1
ER-12P v2.0.8-beta.1

See the EdgeMAX model comparison pages below for more information on these devices:

NOTE: The UFiber Instant can potentially be used with an older firmware version, however you may experience unexpected behavior.

unifi.png    Routing & Switching

Model Firmware
US-XG-6POE v4.0.66.10832
US-8-150W v4.0.66.10832
US-16-150W v4.0.66.10832
USW-16-POE v4.0.66.10832
US-16-XG v4.0.66.10832
US-24-250W v4.0.66.10832
US-24-500W v4.0.66.10832
US-24 v4.0.66.10832
USW-24-POE v4.0.66.10832
USW-PRO-24-POE v4.0.66.10832
US-48-500W v4.0.66.10832
US-48-750W v4.0.66.10832
US-48 v4.0.66.10832
USW-PRO-48-POE v4.0.66.10832
Model Firmware
USG-PRO-4 v4.4.44
UDM-Pro v1.7.0
UXG-Pro  v0.2.0 

See the UniFi Routing & Switching documentation in the Downloads section for more information on these devices.

NOTE: The UFiber Instant can potentially be used with an older firmware version, however you may experience unexpected behavior.

ubiquiti_logo.png   Other Ubiquiti Devices

Model Note
UF-AE Requires 802.3af Active PoE input
F-POE-G2 -

Using the UFiber Instant ONU

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The UFiber Instant (UF-Instant) is compatible with several different Ubiquiti devices that use SFP/SFP+ ports. See the section above for the complete compatibility list and recommended firmware versions.

In this article, we have included a possible deployment scenarios where the UF-Instant is inserted into an EdgeRouter 4 (ER-4), allowing for GPON connectivity supported up to a maximum of 20km. The UF-Instant supports Bridge mode and multiple VLANs just like our other ONUs (UF-WIFI / UF-Nano / UF-LOCO).

ATTENTION: The UF-Instant only supports Bridge mode.


Deployment scenario where the UF-Instant is inserted into the SFP slot (Eth3) on the EdgeRouter 4 (ER-4). 

In the deployment scenario above, the UF-Instant ONU connects to the UFiber OLT 4 (UF-OLT-4) using several different UFiber accessories such as PLC splitters, SC/UPC to SC/APC feeder fiber cables and SC/APC to SC/APC drop fiber cables.

NOTE: See the Accessories article for more information on the different UFiber accessories.

The UF-Instant is inserted into the EdgeRouter 4 (ER-4) like any other SFP/SFP+ module, providing a Layer 2 connection to the device over which VLANs can optionally be tagged. After inserting the module into the device, verify that it has been successfully detected and negotiated at the appropriate speed/duplex values. The following UFiber help center articles have more information on setting up the UFiber GPON network:

See the Beginners Guide to EdgeRouter and the How to Configure an Interface articles for the EdgeRouter side of the configuration.

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