UniFi - USG: How to Set a Static IP Reservation for a Client/UniFi Device


After reading this article users will have the knowledge to set a static IP reservation for a client in the UniFi Network Controller.

ATTENTION: IP address delegation can only function if a USG is adopted to the Controller where the static IP is being set.
NOTES & REQUIREMENTS: Currently onlysupported by UniFi Security Gateway (USG) models.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Steps: How to Configure a Static IP Reservation
  3. Testing & Verification


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Setting a static IP reservation can be done for both clients that are currently connected, as well as those that will be connected in the future. The static IP reservation is made per-network and must not overlap with other reservations.

Steps: How to Configure a Static IP Reservation

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To set a static IP reservation for a client that has been connected to the network follow the steps below:

1. Using left hand menu, navigate to the "Clients" section of the Controller.

2. Select the client in which the static IP reservation will be applied by clicking on it, this will bring up the Client Properties panel.

3. In the Client Properties panel navigate to the configuration tab (cog wheel).

    4. Select the "Network" accordion.

5. Toggle the "Use fixed IP address" option. 

6. Select the network in which the static IP reservation should be kept.

7. Type in the IP in which the client will receive upon joining the specified network.


To set a static IP reservation for a client that has not joined the network, follow the steps below.

    1. Navigate to the "Clients" section of the Controller.

2. Select the "Add Client" button near the top of the section.

3. Fill in the proper information for the client that will be joining the network.mceclip1.png

    4. Select "Add".


5. After the desired clients have been configured, select "Submit". This will place the static IP reservation into configuration on the USG.

NOTE: Although this is the "Clients" section of the Controller, UniFi devices such as UAP or USW can have reservations set if the MAC address of the device is used in this form.

Testing & Verification

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After the USG is done provisioning the configuration for the static IP reservation, have the client rejoin or join the network in which the reservation was set.

If the client has a wired NIC you may either disable and enable the NIC or renew the address through the client command line. For more information about client command line instructions please see the documentation for your specific client.

Verify configuration in USG CLI

CLI: Access the command line interface (CLI). You can do this using a program such as PuTTY.
# configure
# show service dhcp-server shared-network-name

This will list out the networks in which the USG is a DHCP server. Find the network where the static IP reservation was made to view static mappings.


shared-network-name net_LAN_eth1_192.168.2.0-24 {
authoritative enableservice dhcp-server shared-network-name net_LAN_eth1_192.1
description vlan1
subnet {
domain-name localdomain
lease 86400
start {
static-mapping 00-00-00-00-11-11 {
host-record disable
mac-address 00:00:00:00:11:11
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