UniFi Video - UVC-G3-Micro Wireless Setup


This article outlines the steps necessary to setup a UVC-G3-Micro fresh out of the box via WiFi. For older models, or in some cases devices that have been reset to defaults, the G3-Micro will not broadcast a WiFi network for adoption. If that is the case, please set it up via bluetooth and the mobile app, following instructions in the UVC-G3-Micro Quick Start Guide.

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  1. Steps: How to Set Up a UVC-Micro
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Steps: How to Set Up a UVC-G3-Micro

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1.When you first plug in a UVC-G3-Micro, it will broadcast its own open WiFi network that you can connect to. Look for a network named "Setup UVC G3 Micro (****)" and connect to it.

2. Open Google Chrome and browse to

3. Login with the default credentials of UBNT (ubnt/ubnt or root/ubnt).

4. Proceed through the Wizard.

5. In the Network step, select the SSID you want the UVC-G3-Micro to associate to, then enter the Security Key (password). Click Continue.
If your UniFi-Video installation is on the same network, it should automatically see your new UVC-G3-Micro as a manageable device.


6. Navigate to your UniFi Video Installation via IP address or via cloud, at https://video.ui.com.

7. Click on the UVC-G3-Micro within UniFi-Video and manage it. If prompted, the credentials at this point should still be ubnt/ubnt or root/ubnt.


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